Music for Time Travelers (Disquiet Junto Project 0264)


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Hi there. I hope you will enjoy the ride. This is past future time travel, as inspired by Kurt Vonnegut and the synth aesthetics of spaceship soundtracks, Carl Sagan over chroma, brass and wind fuelling the peaceship. 23:19 Santiago, Chile. As always, downloadable and copylefthanded.

Narrative: the future of the past as shown by Kurt Vonnegut’s 1952 Utopia 14, Carl Sagan’s spaceship and the like. Recorded sounds would dance and swim in the vast obscurity of future space continuum, that is now.

Tech: A layered three track midi improvisation. First improvising with clarinet, then with french horns upon oboe. Finally with an arpeggiator called ‘fig leaf’ I improvised over french horns, oboe on mute. The idea is to partly disrupt the possibility of harmonic improvisation, to meet and part melodies, while also using reverse arpeggios for clarinet and horn. Later in audacity I cut the original improvisation (6:15)into a 3:02 format, with bits of fade outs in the beginning for a little balance and paulstretching outro.


My first Disquiet Junto submission… gulp.

This submission was recorded with an ebow, a lap harp, and a guitar. The idea was to use time as an instrument. I recorded a few short loops with the harp and guitar and used MLRV, CapstArc, and Ableton to manipulate playback speed pitch to create different chords and melodies - even typing in the figures live at moments. I apologize for some noise on the guitar clip - I seem to have a faulty jack or something. Also, there may be some clipping.


Hi all!

Here’s my contribution this week.

Music to me is all about time and rhythm, so I thought I’d play with the idea of rhythm breaking apart. I started with a downward falling melody, that very quickly loses itself. A strong rhythm is set up within the melody and on various tracks that then also fall apart or disappear. I was also trying to add many opposing sounds, up to the edge of being non-musical and somewhat unlistenable, so it’s a wash of sound energy more than anything else.

Thanks for listening!


My app of choice for this project was Triqtraq as it features tempo manipulation. I recorded my self alongside a simple beat which included a couple leftover bits from the ice project. The idea for the therimin like synth was inspire about equally by doctor Who and Gin & Juice. I also went pretty heavy on the reverb as was as “erratic” delay to add to the sense of stumbling through time.


I have always been fond of mixing elements from different sources, styles etc., like playing slow over fast.
And I have been particularly fond of playing in real time to something slowed down or reversed.
I recorded a chord progression into my looper and played it reversed. The drum part is accomponied by a guitar and is in real time. The solo part is slowed down; and the little ending is a blend of real time, reversed, slowed down.
I had fun doing this, and as I tried out this and that, so much interesting material accumulated that I might easily produce another tune. And now I am very keen on the results of the other participants


The video combined with sound really helped to disassociate my connection to time. Haunting.


Welcome. You’ve got a lot of interesting influences going on in your world and I’m eager to here more of your stuff.