Music Related Coronavirus Charity Efforts

Hi All! Hope you are staying healthy and well. I just released a digital only album on Bandcamp called “Room to Breathe.” All proceeds will be donated to the CDC Foundation’s Coronavirus relief efforts.

Feel free to post your own releases or those of others that are focused on supporting relief/recovery efforts around the world. :heart:

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@walker shared this older release of his on Facebook a few days ago along with the following message:

“This EP is free/pay what you want. If you choose to pay, I will send my cut to BeLoved Asheville for their COVID19 Community Response fund, and I will also match whatever portion I can afford to.”

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From wøunds, who has not yet joined us on lines:

“Recently I made all my records “name your price”. I think music needs to be shared especially in times like these. Despite this, if you contribute financially, I am excited to share that I will be donating all sales from March to several causes supporting medical staff and restaurant workers and more during the coronavirus epidemic. This is a time to help each other. If you can, buy a record on my page. If not, download everything for free.”

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I did the same, though I do not donate sales to charity. If the music helps keep someone distracted from events, or simply to “decorate” their own time, then it’s a success.


One of my local favorites benefiting local school kids going without food during these times. A great live album I bought this morning.


i was at this show and it was so great. highly recommend.

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€39 / ~$42.33, 56-track, 6+ hour compilation featuring Alessandro Cortini, Caterina Barbieri, Varg2™, Shifted, Steevio, and many others, with 100% of proceeds benefitting Red Cross efforts worldwide.

In light of the current Covid-19 Pandemic Studio Enisslab headed up by Italian DJ / Producer and Live Act Neel has announced the release of a very special 56 track charity compilation project, fundraising for The Red Cross, who are working extremely hard alongside health services internationally that are feeling the effects of the corona-virus outbreak the most right now. The compilation is available for a limited time via Bandcamp and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Red Cross to help the world’s most affected countries in the Covid-19 pandemic.

This special release features over 6 hours of previously unreleased and unheard material, where an all star cast of artists were encouraged to share music that reflects this time we are living in.

Neel, who is one half of live duo Voices From The Lake, and LF58 speaks out on behalf of the initiative, organised in collaboration with improvised live project Circle Of Live, and visual art collective Sbagliato. He explains:

“In this situation we all need to look after each other and this project is a start. I wanted to reach as many people as possible to spread this message, so I started to share the idea personally with lots of artists and the response was amazing. I wanted them to take their time with whichever tools they had available at home to produce some music that reflects this time we are living in, a contribution for this special project and to portray a special message.”

The project’s cover art image brought to you by visual art collective Sbagliato shows pictures of windows of houses and studios taken by the artists themselves: 56 musicians, 56 windows, 56 tracks shape a new place of sharing.

Brought to you by:

Enisslab Studio:
Circle Of Live:

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