Music related sites you like to frequent


Just out of curiosity, what music related sites do you guys like to frequent? :slight_smile:

These can be sites pertaining to your areas of interest whether it be sound synthesis as a whole, modular synthesizers, software synthesizers, or computer music in general, etc.

Or perhaps, rticles or News type sites you like to check out to keep yourself informed, to educate yourself, or simply to keep up to date with the current state of things in regards to music, equipment, and ways of producing music.

Music or genre specific sites for discovering music, artists, album releases…etc.


Muffs, sorry to say
CDM on a mostly daily basis
I’m still on FB but cutting way back
Matrixsynth on occasion

For music biz stuff…
Digital Music News


Outside of this here site, the Vital Weekly newsletter keeps me happy with info about new weirdo releases, and Computer Music Journal is perennially full of interesting new directions in computer music. There’s always some free PDF articles in new issues. (They should really just make the entire PDF edition of it free, though. I’d still pay for the printed version… and sales to libraries must add up to something!)


forced exposure and boomkat for new releases



Here, FactMag, Synthtopia, CDM, Stereogum, ACloserListen, TinyMixTapes, TheQuietus, Fluid Radio, XLR8R, and probably some others I can’t think of right now



Music production:
used gear - Wiggle Hunt, Reverb, Muffwiggler, Perfect Circuit, Control, local craigslist
Synthtopia / Matrixsynth
product-specific - Organelle forums, VCV Rack facebook group, Reaktor user library, etc.
Patch Storage
Modular Grid

Music discovery/criticism/etc:
Bandcamp Daily
Resident Advisor
A Closer Listen
Fact Mag
Twitter network, Slack channels, Facebook friends



Since becoming addicted to modular synthesis, Soundcloud has become a goldmine for listening to modular-based / -involved electronic / electro-acoustic music / sound art / sketches / demos, etc.


As far as forums go, the only other one worth spending some time on for me is ilovefuzz, but I do tend to focus on a few specific threads these days.