Music Thing Modular: beta testers wanted


Sorry to mention this here: I’m looking for beta testers for new Music Thing Modular things. I’m looking for inexperienced people just as much as experienced people. So… I though this would be a good place to leave this link.

Eurorack: ask questions here

Wow. Thats cool. Filled the form just now! :blush:


20 characters of “into it”


Added for 20 characters of intrigue.


sounds great, filled in the form as i’d be happy to offer my time here!

Eurorack: ask questions here

Interested! Filled out the form :slight_smile:



I always love the MTM stuff!


same here! sounds like a cool opportunity :handshake:


Interested for sure Tom! Glad to hear there is more in the music thing pipeline :slight_smile:


Wowzer! I just filled the form…


Submitted! Would love to give back to the development community in whatever way I can


I’m excited to see what’s in store!


Interesting. I’m a total newbie though.

The GDPR/consent question made me chuckle :smiley:


I’ve never beta tested anything, so count me in :slight_smile:


submitted! thanks for the opportunity!


QA is Where All The Cool Kids Work.


put my name down! I found the question about what module’s you like/find annoying really interesting. I would be really interested to hear everyone’s answers.

Personally I said that I was annoyed by rings’ quantisation :smile:


I signed up as well. I am an absolute beginner in the modular world, but perhaps my experience could offer a unique perspective.

Also I didn’t think that the “what don’t you like” question was specific to modular, so I wrote about my guitar amp :woman_facepalming:


Form submitted; it was great meeting you (Tom) last year at Machines in Music and hearing your talk; I’ve always been interested in your work.

@ThurberMingus Yeah, I talked about an issue with my case, which was maybe just a me-specific issue, but it was the only thing I could think of that annoyed me!


My response to the annoyance, was manuals that don’t describe the interaction between CV and related knobs. eg. is the CV input unipolar/bipolar, over what range of voltages, when patched are the knobs offsets or attenuators.