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Great minds! I had ordered the Elektrouši earlier in the week, and was thinking this was the perfect opportunity to put them to use!


this sounds supper cool. is there a specific time length for submissions to anything?


No specific rule. But if you look at past compilations most tracks weigh in between 3-7 minutes. There are examples of outliers though.


what if musica ignotum, but in images…? the hilma af klint exhibit struck me as very relevant to these themes. she created (among other things) a momumental series about ‘the cycle of life’, sourcing imagery from both her background as a biological illustrator, and her investigation of the “invisible vibrations” in the universe, sparked by but not limited to her interest in theosophy. if you can’t make the exhibit check the NYT article.

anyway I’m bringing it up here because what struck me about it was how like music and sonic/vibrational references they were, in a lyrical, abstract way – not scores exactly, but there seemed to be a LOT in there that electronic musicians/noise artists would grok. I’m going to work in this vein for this project :slight_smile:


Great reference. Thanks for sharing. It would be really interesting to see the visual interpretations/reactions/prompts to these sounds works.


you might really appreciate the book/catalogue for the 1985 LACMA exhibition, The Spiritual in Art: Abstract Painting 1890-1985. by Maurice Tuchman. I think this was the first time Hilma Af Klint’s work was exhibited in a museum context and am very glad to see this resurgence of interest. also of interest: Emma Kunz, Olga Frobe-Kapteyn, Georgiana Houghton… anyway would be really cool to see/hear what you’re doing with these ideas.


Bit of a reminder bump for myself.


Trying to find an angle with this…

Thinking about:
Umwelt and perception
Sounds that occupy the edge of auditory perception range
Communication minus text
Multidimensional structures for music - time - timbre - space -
That bit in 3 Body where they explore multidimensional space
Music as world-building


9~10 days left! Eek!


thanks @jasonw22
:slight_smile:track sent via google drive


Not gonna make this one. Look forward to hearing your tracks.


Got mine into @jasonw22 – not sure if you got it? Apologies for the double post if you did.

Can’t wait to hear everyone’s contributions!


I am working on something in a bit of last minute rush after chewing over the concepts for ages…my method is leading to something noisey and messy. Taming it in would involve more of the human qualities of taste and moderation than I was intending.

At what point do you gently park the concept and get on with just making it sound as good as you can?


In the “mixing” or “revising” stage of the process, is my vote


Embrace the noise!

(in 20 characters)


I found myself facing a similar conundrum. My end result sounds distinctly human (Steve Reich, anyone?), but the sound sources were my focus, so I’m satisfied with how it came out. For myself, the goal wasn’t necessarily to exclude anything human sounding – there are lots of examples of convergence in evolution, so why not culture? – but rather to explore the idea of what music non-humans might make. In retrospect, I would like to have gone back and played a little more with some of the sound design, but the scaffolding I ended up using to explore it would still be secondary to it.


While I’m sitting this one out (mostly a timing thing), I’d just like to say thanks for the idea behind this compilation and in particular this perspective… manifesting a particular non-human transformation within creativity and thought is in fact the basis for my entire project and the only consistent goal that has carried me through a lot of creative struggles.

It’s both the easiest and hardest thing in the world – easiest because it’s the least “forced” thing I could be doing – hardest because a lifetime of bad habits/interpellations/masks need to be unlearned.

Once I introduce what I’m actually doing, the efforts behind this compilation will help so much because I don’t need to be starting from zero. This effort helps tremendously to create a space in which what I’m doing makes maybe a little more sense. So I’m watching intently… really appreciate these efforts and how important this all is… “music as worldbuilding” indeed!


Hello everyone,
I’m very happy to have the opportunity to participate in such an interesting project, and have just submitted my (way too human) contribution.
Quick question: should we write about our composition processes here, or is it better to just include a link to WordPress for those who may be interested?(I don’t want to unnecessarily clutter up the thread.)
Looking forward to hearing everyone’s work!!


Here or on your blog with a link from here is fine, but I recommend waiting until after release, so that folks can listen along while they read!


OK, thanks for the quick reply. Good luck with the project!!