//// musica ignotum : lcrp.solstice.2.2018 ////


I’m not gonna make this one, but I’m so looking forward to listening through all the submissions!


I think I’m going to have to pass too. I’ve just finished a track, but it doesn’t really have any link to the brief. I’m looking forward to seeing what others have come up with.


Had a broad strokes outline for a stock market sonification (someone has a line about if the aliens arrived they’d assume the dominant forms of life on earth were cars and corporations), but didn’t have the bandwidth for it this time…


Flu- type thing hitting my head this week with a fairly well locked down low pass filter in one ear. I can tinker and push it on a bit as the paracetamol allows but no fit state to get it mixed. (even though its a noise thing) I am also starting to write up my blurb and worrying if i have done the exact opposite of the challenge.


There seems to be a lot of that going around! (worrying about how effectively we met the challenge)

Hope your flu passes quickly!


Thanks…Think I got it done…would be nice to hear it.
My vibe was this…


just finished & sent – looking forward to hearing these! :slight_smile:


maybe a bit late but today’s Expanding Mind podcast (Erik Davis discussion with plant behaviorist Monica Gagliano) intersects very well with this topic.


I have left nearly everything to the very last minute, so, um, thank you! :slight_smile:


Hopefully one more coming your way bit later on today if I’m not too late already!


Managed to finish my commission less than an hour ago, and I must say I had a lot of fun creating song for this theme. The only thing that concerns me is that I went so far away from what I consider music that it is now hard for me to decide if it is even listenable :smiley: Definitely I am waiting to read everyones writeups on process for this theme, I myself wrote a software with simple life simulation so I would not have to manually place notes etc.


karol, I’m thinking in the other direction - I’m now worried that I stayed too close to “music”. Oh well!! It was a great (tough) challenge, and I’m looking forward to learning from what you and others have written and produced.


Starting the process of pulling this together.

Unfortunately we spent some time in the ER on Sunday morning after a sleepless Saturday night, but all is well now.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to any of the tracks before now, so I’m going to take my time. Fortunately, thanks to the holidays, I have plenty of time at the moment!

Excited to see how this one comes together. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish a track in time, but I’m still hoping to make it onto @_mark’s longform ambient compilation.


So sorry to hear about the ER; glad all is well now. Thanks for managing all this!


Merry Christmas!

@dnealelo, can you please add the link to the top post? merci!


Note to self, always check post-export, it might be that you’ve not exported everything. My track is quite a bit more ambient than I had planned :wink:


I should have asked. I thought perhaps you were challenging us, or offering a surprise :wink:

If you like, I can re-upload the Bandcamp track.

Slightly inconvenient with regard to Kunaki though…


Ha, I’d soloed one of the tracks before exporting. D’oh!

Thanks for offering to re-upload, but I think we should leave it as is. I’ve exported the full mix to soundcloud, with a twist on the title.

The track is a single take recording of a modular patch and live playing on a Haken Continuum. The Continuum track, with ValhallaSpace FX is what got exported initially. The rest is the result of a modular patch controlled by a Teletype script I’ve written that allows me to gradually bring in notes in a sequence. The script is also triggering the drums.


Awesome! Looking forward to checking out everyone’s tracks!


On my third listen-through of this, great stuff all!