Musical toys?

for an upcoming project i’m looking for good and/or unusual toys that play music. not really needing circuit bent stuff, more commercial releases that are dope? can be anything from a tickle me elmo that sings a sweet song, to toys that are specifically music instruments such as the ucreate or zoundz (both unfortunately out of production). if you have any favorite ones you use in your current work, i’d really love hearing about them! thanks!

Need to be electronic? I got one of these for Christmas this year and I like it a lot:


I picked up a gibson hasbro power tour guitar a couple days ago. I love it. Sounds cool and is fun to play. I posted a couple tracks with it in the latest tracks/videos thread.

hehe, i have nothing to offer this thread, sorry, but the above quote reminded me of this:

(maybe try out one of the toys coming out of the latest star wars movie, like that one droid thingie that looks like it rolls around on a ball )

not sure of the specific makes but Kid Carpet used to make all his stuff from toys, you can probably spot devices in some of his videos like this (worth watching all of it for the breakdown, he really knows how to work audiences! )

…and it reminds me that this is one of the best love songs ever i think

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Otamatone! Or, indeed, anything by Maywa Denki; Knockman and similar are delightful.


I was going to post kid carpet stuff!!! good shout @dspk!

I have 3 miniature humans and we have no end of noisemaking parent-torturing toys. I’d recommend:

And this:

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Oh and you really need to get some Singamajigs!


how did i miss these before? how have i been living these past years without them??? getting some immediately, thanks!

OH! Those reminded me of the Otomatone:

(comes in several different sizes/options)

(oops got too excited and didn’t read the previous posts…) :disappointed:

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this seems as good a topic as any to ask this. when i was younger (mid to late 80s), i had a toy that was a brown box with ~10 buttons and a speaker on it. each button made a different sound effect (blaster noises, explosions, etc.). has anyone else come across a “toy” like this?

i have the knockman series! but i had no idea maywa denki had made so much amazing art, totally blew my mind looking through his website… the fish skeleton extension cord was also particularly nice.