Musical Typing for Norns

Hey everyone,
I’d like to be able to use my USB keyboard (qwerty, not piano) to send MIDI data to Norns, akin to the musical typing function in Logic X - it’d save me taking both keyboard and MIDI keyboard out with me for lightweight sessions. I’ve had a look on lines but can’t find anything.
Any suggestions on where to find or how to build welcomed! Cheers

pretty doable.

@eigen 's “gridkeys” mod is a well-written example of how to inject new functionality that transforms some other input into MIDI events:

for this feature, the mod could inject itself into the script-level keyboard handler, which is a global named keyboard.code, called by the system here;

(for key releases, the “value” argument is zero)

keyboard.code is expected to be redefined by a script. so to inject stuff into it, you would use the same method as demonstrated in gridkeys and most mods:

  • run the mod in post-init hook so it’s run after each script is initialized.
  • there, wrap the script’s defined HID handler in a new function:
script_key_handler = keyboard.code
mod_key_handler = function(code, value) 
   map_keys_to_midi_and_spawn_events_etc(code, value) 
keyboard.code = function(code, value) 
   mod_key_handler(code, value)