(bandwidth exceeded)

So… more of a general query than anything else.
Does anyone have the contact information for the owner of

I noticed its bandwidth is exceeded performing some research and I’d like to contact them about providing donations for that bandwidth.

Thanks much!

It used to be Bram de Jong but I don’t have an up to date contact.

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This is likely to work:

I noticed on a cache of the site that it says the server is “sponsored by fxpansion”.

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This has been happening periodically for a couple years. There is always the wayback machine:*/

There were some good jokes about the “band-limited website” on the mailing list the last few times this came up:

“You need to sample it more frequently.”

“Maybe if we sample it over a shorter time interval, the bandwidth will increase?”


Thanks for the suggestions @widdly and @jasonw22 !!

@lettersonsounds yeah that’s true, but i’ve got the means to lend support, it’s been a great resource for me, and the site’s not dead just… exceeded its resource limits which probably means it’s getting some traffic :slight_smile:

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I dont think the smartelectronix emails will work. I used to be a member there and haven’t used that email in 10 years.

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@murray Any luck making contact? I was just feeling silly looking something up again on the copy and remembered you made this thread…

@dailybells Yes, I was able to make contact with Bram and offered some monetary assistance to keep the site from exceeding bandwidth. He mentioned that he’d rather rewrite the site in another language and “slap some ads on the page and have it sell itself”. The “smartelectronix” contact form is up-to-date.

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Thanks – good to hear something is in the pipeline. Not sure “slap some ads on it” is the most exciting thing to hear but long live anyway. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t hold your breath for the rewrite, but long live indeed :slight_smile: In any case the website is archived on the WayBack Machine.

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Would it be considered rude to scrape the whole thing off way back and put up as static pages somewhere? I never know how long wayback will hold onto a site!

The old silverfish (longboarding) website totally disappeared, taking down years of discussions and it was a tragedy. Unsure if it ever made it onto wayback.

Sounds like the tricks posted on musicdsp would be considerably harder to rebuild for future generations than the collected wisdom of the 2000s downhill skating revival…


That’s a damn fine idea @rick_monster, I wonder if it would even be better to find some platform (or process for a static site with an underlying forum/subtopic) to allow DSP code to be uploaded by community members? The last contributions are from 2010 and isn’t covered in copyright notices.

I’m all for purchasing a domain, a modest hosting service package, and opening up for donations in case things get popular.

What do you think?

EDIT: i’ve purchased the domain, i’d happily apply it to this purpose. we can subdomain as


I’d be up for making a pass at scraping it and rolling that into a simple postgres-backed flask site. (Happy to host, too if you want to point your domain at my server. I have 100tb of bandwidth so I don’t think we’ll need to worry about that or taking donations etc.) Maybe someone else can dream up a front end / stylesheet? Probably can’t dig into this for a couple weeks or so tho…

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Would be great to have a readily available archive with this knowledge somewhere, and maintain a similar open platform of sharing DSP code. I’ve learnt a lot from the musicdsp boards!

If you haven’t already found it, here is a PDF available with all the code snippets:


I like this idea, for sure down to point my domain at your host

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I’m down to help in whatever capacity - have written a scraper before using common lisp it was kind of fun but sounds like @dailybells might be more on the case (would have to google flask)! have to admit I haven’t learnt much from the archive (yet). Just that whenever I came up with some numerical hack on aleph code @zebra seemed to remember the same trick from ye olde musicdsp.

Finally had a browse this morning and found recipes for polyblep oscillators, cubic interpolation, quadratic sine approximation and other things I slowly ‘discovered’ learning DSP on the aleph through trial and error… I’m interested now in tanh distortion curves and spotted some recipes for optimising that too.

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Thanks for posting this. This is a goldmine for a neophyte like me.

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I’m grabbing snapshots from the wayback machine right now with this:

First three I grabbed all had a ton of links that ended in our favorite bandwidth exceeded message ironically. So I’m just grabbing all of them. :upside_down_face:

I’ll upload a zip when it’s done in case anyone else wants to play around with reconstructing a full mirror, or parsing the rest into something more easily machine-readable.

(I’m also noticing there seem to be lots of nooks and crannies being pulled that I don’t think I see in the PDF as well.)

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Rad, part of my day job is backend with Python so let me know if I can help with schema generation or whatever. I’d like this to be a work of community as much as possible :slight_smile: it would drfinitely be lovely if some folk(s) could lend a nice, clean stylesheet for the frontend. I can take a crack but it’d be rather rudimentary and minimal.

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Shoot, I’m going to have to play around with this a bit more I guess. These snapshots are really incomplete. Seems like I had better luck picking a single one, I’ll give that another shot otherwise maybe this will require a bit 'o scripting.

Snapshots are all in the timestamp directories – most seem to be a single file so something definitely seems to have gone wrong. (The ~5,000 files the tool said it was downloading seemed like a low number…)

There’s a zip of everything at the bottom but I’m going to make another pass at this and see if I can get a more complete grab…

This could be everything, the wayback interface hops around a lot between snapshots, but I’m looking for some specific files (like this background image: and I’m not seeing the corresponding snapshot in this collection…