(bandwidth exceeded)


So… more of a general query than anytihng else.
Does anyone have the contact information for the owner of

I noticed its bandwidth is exceeded performing some research and I’d like to contact them about providing donations for that bandwidth.

Thanks much!


It used to be Bram de Jong but I don’t have an up to date contact.


This is likely to work:

I noticed on a cache of the site that it says the server is “sponsored by fxpansion”.


This has been happening periodically for a couple years. There is always the wayback machine:*/

There were some good jokes about the “band-limited website” on the mailing list the last few times this came up:

“You need to sample it more frequently.”

“Maybe if we sample it over a shorter time interval, the bandwidth will increase?”


Thanks for the suggestions @widdly and @jasonw22 !!

@lettersonsounds yeah that’s true, but i’ve got the means to lend support, it’s been a great resource for me, and the site’s not dead just… exceeded its resource limits which probably means it’s getting some traffic :slight_smile:


I dont think the smartelectronix emails will work. I used to be a member there and haven’t used that email in 10 years.