Mutable Instruments Beads

I find this kind of stuff FASCINATING!


really nice video here


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I already have an Arbhar but still pulled the trigger on a Beads this week (I’m weak…). Both are now racked. Are there any interesting synergies between two granular modules? Is it worth having both? I think I prefer the live processing approach of Beads, conceptually at least.

I also have a Mimeophon and can’t help feeling there’s a fair bit of redundancy across the three modules. Then again… I could just patch them all together and embrace the utter wall of sound.

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This might have been addressed before, but when in delay mode I am getting crackles when I turn the Time knob, it sounds like it’s happening at intervals, all the way from CW to CCW. This happens in all modes, stereo and mono. Seed button latched, Density any position. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Aside fron that, wonderful work Émilie :two_hearts:

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Also having the same issue in delay mode when I tried it out today

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I got my Beads today, just plugged it in and first impression is that this thing is waaaaaay more complex sounding than Clouds. It reminds me a lot more of the granular software I’ve been using such as Borderlands, Quanta on iOS and Granulator in Max4Live. To be quiet honest I really didn’t like Clouds when I first tried it about two years ago, it took using it on and off for about a year to really grow to like Clouds. But, Beads gives me an instant ‘yes’ feeling. Also compared to Nebulae2 and Arbhar, which are similar, I immediately noticed that Beads sounds a little warmer. Nebulae sounds too digital and phasey, Arbhar is super clean and maybe a little sterile but Beads seems to have a subtle rolled off top end. Clouds always had this vibe too, but there was an inherent dirtiness that you could not dial out. The attenurandomizers are a brilliant addition, it really makes it much more playable. That’s all I’ve discovered at the moment as I’m still digging in, but it makes me happy when immediate first impressions on a new piece of gear are instantly inspiring. Cheers Emilie, I can already tell
all of your hard work will make a lot of people happy and inspire some interesting work.


I also got mine today, unexpectedly. Echoing your feeling that it gets into denser textural territory, easily creating low audio rate growls at high density with sharp/plucky envelopes.

I only had a few minutes with it but first impressions are really good. The reverb is quite nicely tuned as well!

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That’s exactly why I keep supercell. I can’t reproduce the fussy noisy low-fi character with any other granular module. When I got supercell, I was concerned about the noise…now it became part of its beauty.
Beads will grow very quickly doing other wonderful things and will stay together with Arbhar and Supercell in my case.

Made a couple of quick demos of my initial Beads explorations today. The first is is Beads processing my Fender Jazzmaster, followed by a pattern played on a Mannequins Mangrove (manipulation of frozen buffer) - found sound rhythm played on the Takt script on Norns, then processed by Qu Bit’s Data Bender:

Second is a couple of takes of melodies using Mangrove , being folded through an Instruo tanh3. the second take is additionally processed through a Strymon Magneto.

Absolutely loving this module so far and really looking forward to exploring it further,


Yeah, a few hours with Beads last night, and I’m really loving it. Here’s two IG vids, one with lap steel and one with Rings:

I really love the cassette mode, it sounds amazing with lapsteel. I didn’t realize before I got it that it affects the dry signal constantly, I think that’s brilliant. You are getting a kind of LoFi Loop Junky / Hainbacher / Streganator as a bonus.

I also like how it’s largely modeless, I really have begun to prefer this method of design.

The one thing that I don’t like is how it goes into wave table mode… I wish there was a way to turn that off, because leaving the input unpatched will give you a little surprise every time.


So this became my second time that MIDI Amsterdam sells something “in stock” they don’t really have stock of. Nice.

Anyone know of a place in EU that still has these or do I just wait for another wave?

Any Brooklynites getting their order ready notices yet from the first round at control? I think I’ve refreshed my email about 100 times more than usual in the last few days…


Yes, he wrote quite a lot of chamber music


Obligatory piano recording into Beads. Sunny Tape mode has just the right amount of gorgeousness.


I ordered from CTRL a couple hrs after it was announced, and just checked with in them a couple days ago. they gave me a timeframe of very end of the month/first couple days of March for mine, but you should email them yourself and see when yours specifically is due.

def jealous of those getting theirs so fast, but I always support them no matter what bc they’re local. and in the scheme of a module I’ll likely own a long time, not a big deal.


I got an email yesterday that they should be arriving at ctrl for shipping imminently. I’m in the first order group, they didn’t give an exact timeline. Nothing but positive experiences with them though.


I walked up to Control Voltage to pick mine up. I’ve only played with it briefly since I got it the other day but my first impression is that the implementation of the built in modulation is genius.
Bravo @pichenettes :clap:t4:


Oh nothing but 100% positive experiences with them always! They will always be my go to shop, missing being able to go in, have a chat and patch up something this last year. I know that this weather has things crawling, just wondering if others were getting pickup notices yet because new module day is always fun.

put this little work out together last night. never owned a clouds, so everything about this module is new and fun to me!

just friends polysynth → nearness → beads is the bulk of the patch, with clocking and modulation on dry/wet and density coming from a pam’s new workout. the attenurandomizers are randomizing time & size.

i think the automatic input gain is boosting some noise from my power supply (or a chronoblob, which isn’t in the patch but is in my system?), so i’ll have to be aware of manually adjusting it in the future, or troubleshooting the noise outside of beads.

love this module though, it’s very user friendly and sounds great.


Loving it so far! Initial exploration with blooper as sound source ( I let the kiddo do some knob twisting!), then a more thorough implementation in my Synapse rig, with Piston Honda as the sound source.