Mutable Instruments Marbles

Yep… its ace!

Musical is definitely how I would describe it. I think the whole MI line is incredibly musical, and I like to think they were designed from that perspective rather than from a lab/theoretical sound design type approach (which is also cool of course).


Didn’t want to do a double post on this (just posted in the “latest tracks” with a Rene2 and Marbles as the main sequencers), but yeah would have to agree with musical.

Lately I’ve been using it almost like a “soloist”. I’ll have a few musical ideas I feed it over time and use the Steps, Bias, and Spread as a way to push in different directions. With the mod option on the Rene 2 and a Just Friends as the voice, a ton of variations and ideas can be explored really quickly.


A Soloist is a great way of describing it! It’s like your own little Eurorack musical collaborator :grinning:

Another cool thing I have found; self modulating itself using that handy Y output.


This is pretty similar to how I use it. Rene2 and Marbles are the brains of my system and I like to play Marbles performatively almost as much as I play Rene. I primarily enjoy locking/unlocking the sequences, and playing with moving deja vu from noon (locked) to about 10 o’clock or so to evolve the sequence. Sending it into Rene for either clocking, or cv mod for things like location, direction, snake, z-mod, etc. Endless possibilities!


As I was reading the newest posts on this thread I got an email that my Marbles has (have?) shipped. It’s a sign, folks.

Sorry for crossposting but I am looking for a way to have my TT expand on a Marbles sequence. Perhaps there are people im this thread who might point me to something? Thank you!

after the inspiration from this thread, i picked a marbles up last week.

here’s an initial experiment in slowly evolving a hocketing rhythm for two voices (rings in the left channel, 2hp pluck in the right).

still a ton to explore here… would like to delve into more subtle, less overtly rhythmic territory next.


a couple things that get me out of overtly rhythmic zones w Marbles:

•slow tempo
•modulating rate and everything else(attenuation please) (this may be totally apparent of course)
•also maybe obvious but keeping jitter on the CW side of things scatters things nicely.
•fun w clock input. Marbles doesn’t need a pulse, you can get funky or sparse - it’s billed as a random sampler and clock in triggers that function.

off the top of my head so have fun!


that sounds so nice… lovely

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@baleen excellent stuff. hadn’t really considered external clock input.

also want to mess with the scale input function, and its interaction with the steps control. i really like that conception of defining a scale like a weighted probability distribution rather than a simple sieve.

@stephenvit thanks!

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I’m going a little crazy with the quantizer on Marbles. I can’t seem to get it to stick to the scale I set. Has anyone else had this problem? What is the proper procedure for tuning your oscillator before sending QCV from Marbles? Maybe I’m missing something here.

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If you are so inclined, Marbles now comes miniaturized.

It’s not for me, but whatever spins your bowtie…

wow, did they sleep waiting for it to be open-sourced? :thinking:

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Plaits/Beehive also came out pretty quickly, though that came out of the ‘blackout’ period sooner.

I’m curious what they’ll do for Stages. It seems not reducible without becoming useless, but that’s my biased opinion of almost all micro Mutable stuff.

ugh they’ll prob replace the faders with mini-pots :man_facepalming:


With an LED next to each pot, in place of the LED fader? Yay.

Anyway, this is the Marbles thread :slight_smile: I sold my Marbles and I kind of miss it, but have not bought it back yet.

gotta say that’s really really cramming it in on the panel wow

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I don’t think anyone will do a vanilla Stages shrink. It’s a huge number of components and it has barely any free space on it as is.

I like the Antumbra designs. Might tackle a Cara one day. Marbles is a great module. I mostly wish someone would make a half Marbles. I’d just like to be able to have a small single channel of the note listening mode. My favorite thing in the module!

Yeah a half-marbles with basically just the X features would be interesting. Still, I love mine so much and I don’t think I’d give it up for anything at this point.

Totally diggin this module, even though some things still are a mystery. Anyone using it as a master clock? And has anyone found a way to reset it when clocked externally? this would be great!