Mutable Instruments Marbles

this is also how i feel.

Marbles is the kind of “patch boss” i built in Max or Reaktor except…better. there is not a feature in this module I do not delight in.


Pre-orders are up at Control. Can’t wait!

Keep in mind I’ve had Marbles for about 4 months (and sometimes feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface) and Teletype for… wow, only 3 days :wink: I won’t run through the recent evolution of sequencing in my rig, other than to say there has been one and it’s been pretty rapid and partially fueled by Marbles.

Marbles’ t2 output has been serving as my de factor master clock when I’m not using a MIDI sequence, or a slaved clock when I have (its t section does not deal well with arbitrary gate sequences). It can multiply and divide, or perturb that clock with “jitter” – in fact, crank it up and use the Deja Vu to lock it in, and it creates whole new rhythms on its own. t1 and t3 are related to t2 in either a Branches sort of way, a randomized ratchet sort of way, or a drum pattern sort of way. So it’s a neat source of clocks and triggers to drive other events, such as sequences or Euclidean patterns, which TT can do…

It also can have fun with sequenced CV inputs (which TT can provide) either for its own trigger alogorithms, or sampled for the random engine (these affect trigger randomization as well!) or to transform and mutate what it’s playing.

I guess a simpler way to put it is that Marbles is the heart and Teletype is the brain. :slight_smile:

I also have a Mimetic Digitalis preordered. Between Marbles, Teletype, and MD that’s my sequencing suite. It’s sort of a micro-Rene with 4 CV channels – again, something that Teletype can do. But again, I’d rather keep Teletype busy on other tasks.


as someone without a Teletype maybe my system doesn’t need a brain?

I have found that having another clock source (in a 6u system) is helpful with Marbles, I LOVE the T outs but also run Batumi in Divide and need a couple other triggers. started w Timerunner, tried Old Pams, back to Timerunner (so yeah basically two pattern generators that love some recursive patching).


one thing I’m excited to use Marbles for is when I do the occasional 3u build. covers so much ground for what I need for those gigs that my sketch has even more room for blind panels to set next to Ears!


I’ve preordered this already.

I see this as Mutables take on the Turing Machine (+ a lot, lot, more of course!).

The thought of having a more ‘human’ master clock and gate source (with a bit of jitter and slop) also really excites me.

Plus being able to use an existing sequence as input for the randomisation… so cool.

Can’t wait to get this and start playing!


What’s it’s price? It’s not on my shopping list just yet, but haven’t seen it anywhere. #poorgoogling

360, it’s up for preorder at control and perfect circuit

Control has it up for $359 (and I think I read €299 elsewhere)

Just had a wee look at rubadub. They have it up. Got to say, although I am happy with my setup for now Olivier is hitting some spot on pricing for this new batch of MI modules.

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yee, it’s the same price as Mutable Yarns. he’s doing a real good job with pricing on these new ones!

we (Elevator Sound) ordered a big ol’ box full. just waiting for that delivery notice from Olivier, but they should be here tues/wed next week. he really is one of the best to deal with in Eurorack :slight_smile:

now we just gotta finish building the next demo rack and its fitting to the wall so we can fit them in and have a play too! ehehh


Whelp. I’m in. Sorry other gear, you will have to wait longer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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someone hold my wallet for a minute

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This looks dope, and I’m going to go ahead and ask:
Has anyone made any scripts that get close to parts of Marbles’ functionality with Teletype?

Looks awesome, going to have to wait for more details on the Malekko Random, it also looks like a smaller more affordable beast, but I’m sure not as fun a tweakable as Marbles.

I don’t think we’ve ventured much into the turn-a-knob-for-more-random-awesome-stuff neighborhood when it comes to TT development. There’s potential with the chaos operators, maybe.

I noticed plaits and marbles haven’t been added to Olivier’s github yet. Does it normally take a while after they’re released?

I definitely don’t need this module but I still want it!

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If I remember correctly he open sources the firmware when the second batch of a module has been sold.