Mutable Instruments Marbles


Yeah I can see this being a future “sell these three modules and replace with a Marbles” downsizing type exercise.


Is the trigger sequencer 3 channel? (Please say no, as I just bought a varigate4 for my percussion sequencing and marbles looks like it could replace that, plus a few other modules in my setup).


In a sense it is a 3 channel gate sequencer; from reading the manual, t2 output is always the clock, and t1+t3 are defined by the algorithm and controls (bias etc).


Yep, this is correct.


It’s not a sequencer per say, like the varigate. It’s a random sequencer.

You won’t be able to program a specific sequence.


I wrote scenes of that kind, so if you feel like isolating the functions and describe them clearly I could try to make something in the same vein (holidays are coming, I need things to work on :grin: ).


Does it have lfo functionality?


You can make it act like an LFO, or an audio rate VCO (which doesn’t track V/OCT). Use Deja Vu to make it repeat some values, adjust the pattern length, spread and bias for the overall shape/number of steps, and Steps to tweak the smoothness. I was able to get sines, triangles and squares out of it, and more complex shapes with length>2.


Here I’m feeding Marbles a 6-step sequence, quantized (by Teletype in this case, though I could have had Marbles do it if I had set up the custom scale in it). Deja Vu is enabled for both sides, set to 5 steps and about 11 o’clock.

A drum pattern is selected in the “t” section, and Jitter is set to about 12 o’clock to “humanize” the rhythm a bit.

t2 advances the sequencer, t1 and x1 feed Plaits, t3 and x3 feed Rings; both are in FM mode.


I really appreciate this stripped down example. Rad. It’s easy to imagine how to build this up!



Thanks for sharing! There’s been a dry spell as far as slow tempo Marbles examples are concerned.

Come on Perfect Circuit… send me that shipping notice! :star_struck:


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The dice :heart:

Can’t wait to get home!


Plaits in inharmonic string mode, Cold Mac noise thru LxD, W/ is delay. Marbles is the only sequencer, tweaks made through the recording.


Had my first proper play with Marbles tonight. Took 1/2 an hour or so to get my head around it, but I’m loving it now.

I can see me also using this as my main clock source (the jitter control adds a nice humanised element).

Here’s what I came up with after a couple hours:

Marbles is sequencing a Mangrove and Erica Pico Voice. The main melody is a random sequence from the Korg SQ1.

Looking forward to feeding it an existing sequence/cv next and seeing what it can do next!


Really enjoyed that! Thanks or sharing.


feed Marbles from the SQ1 see what happens to that sequence


wow, really beautiful! after hearing harbour earlier today and now this, I’m in bliss


fantastic! This make me want to grab one!