Mutable Instruments Marbles


There is some amazing plucked violin vibes here! Amazing, love this so much! Are you willing to share some other patch notes on this?!


IIRC the patch is relatively simple. I think it was Marbles doing the triggering and pitch-CV (with the built-in quantizer), with some modulation on the t section’s BIAS, which creates these intermittently faster notes. Everything then passes through a delay (I think Chronoblob with a VCF in the send-return loop). Rings is being modulated by Marbles and by some other LFOs (likely Stages) and its excitation signal comes from Tides. Maybe I was also modulating Tides’ level with Marbles…
I think that’s all there is to it, I remember it being a very simple patch.


this is awesome! vaguely reminds me of some of the ambient sound beds in the movie “her”


Thanks for the kind words everyone, most appreciated.

I must remember to watch Her. Joaquin Phoenix always does good films, I want to catch 'You Were Never really Here. I think Jonny Greenwood did the score for it as well (sorry for the derail :grinning:).

Back on track, I was thinking that Marbles and Plaits (along with a few other goodies) in a 42hp ‘lunchbox’ would make a very capable+portable sequencer+synth combo!


Loved it as well, are the chords the Pico Voice?



The chords are Plaits in chord mode, with modulation applied to the inversion control (if you have Plaits then make sure to try this… it sounds amazing!).

The output of Plaits was sent through Ripples for some filter modulation.

Pico Voice is the high melody line that crops up every now and then (sequenced and triggered from Marbles), Mangrove is the ‘brassy’ type sound that weaves in and out (sequenced and triggered from Marbles), and Rings is the main melody heard at the start (sequenced and triggered from Korg SQ1).


Interesting thing to try: X section as an clocked quantizer

Set Spread to zero

Set Steps to the quantized values

Input signal to be quantized into Bias

internal or external clock sets the “resolution”, how soon it picks the next value

Set X to yellow or red modes to have additional random outs