Mutable Instruments modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc


Nice. I’m toying with the idea of buying myself a P-Bass for my 30th next year. Always wanted one!


Definitely this. I can only imagine all of the work Olivier and Hannes put into designing and programming everything that Mutable has offered over the years. To take someone else’s work and add nothing to it other than a smaller package and a different name just bugs me to no end. As @coreyr said, props to those who take on the redesigns and make something interesting. My preference will always be to see someone add something new to the discourse, rather than simply paraphrase.


The legacy of open source lives on!


if it’s an instrument you’ve “always wanted,” spend a little more than you think you should and get something you really like. I had two Ibanez as a kid (the 90s active pickups four string I learned on and then a 2nd hand 5 string I got later for some reason). they were okay but I never really “felt” them.

I had some cash coming from an art installation/sculpture I did some last minute hero work for so I popped for a Gibson SG Bass (like an EB-3 which was a youthful longing) which I really had a good time with at uh Guitar Center, a new bridge for it and proper setup and it’s been a good companion and in all seriousness great for my thinking about how I want to make electronic music. then I had to threaten legal action to get paid for the art thing.

now we can have our “how being a bass player relates to this forum” thread.


You should start another thread on that, or a broader, ‘how other instruments influence your process with synthesizers’ thread…

Just another weirdo rock bassist checking in here :slight_smile:


This is good advice, imo, and I’ve seen it play out for me too: Mangrove plus a Grid, even used, is easily two or three times the price of a Dixie and a Beatstep Pro. I owned both pairs, and maybe it was even just the knowing that I wanted the Mangrove, say, that made trying to get similar functionality from the Dixie feel like drudgery.

(caveat, since @sellanraa called me out upthread :wink: – I don’t mean what I wrote to come off as critical, merely that these things were not what I was looking for)


It’s there, as of a couple weeks ago!


There aren’t a lot of people whose names we know in modular, so it seems important to re-welcome Émilie!


how is there so much trans excellence in synthesis! we are here and we are strong <3


Ben là! Bienvenue, femme! Bonne fête pis toute. On attend vos nouvelles.