Mutable Instruments modules: design, usability, theory, philosophy, etc

Thanks for the insight! I feel grouped jacks are most beneficial if the majority of patching is done pre-performance, and one just needs the cables out of the way. If patching is considered part of the performance, or fast patching is desired for other reasons, jacks next to controls are super helpful I reckon. Beyond the practical aspects of having this direct relationship, I also think it can add a lot of identity to a module. Personally, I don’t really have a preference. As you say, both have their merits. In the end it comes down to how well the paradigm is executed.

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Has anyone successfully recalibrated their Marbles outputs? I see most outputs are 20 cents flat, and drift by 10 cents or so per octave, with different outputs drifting in different directions.

I’ve followed these instructions Marbles-panel/marbles-calibration.pdf at master · forestcaver/Marbles-panel · GitHub and produced a new marbles.wav and played it in to the module successfully. But when the module reboots… nothing has changed. It’s like it’s not using my numbers at all.

I don’t think you can upload the calibration part of the firmware via .wav file - all that does is update the firmware itself so you can update the module without needing to do the calibration data.

I think you need to erase the chip, load the bootloader, then upload your new firmware with your new calibration data.

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Gotcha. Makes some sense – so one could release new functionality and not wipe everyone’s calibration.

I’ve just gone ahead and updated the values where they’re actually used in, rather than dropping them in the calibration array which was being ignored.