Mutable Instruments Plaits

mutable’s braids replacement, comes with two modes (green, red) from rings. built-in virtual low pass gate. sounds pretty great.


First onset of module GAS I’ve had in months.


Looks really great and intuitive. I’ve never owned a Braids but love Rings and really only use Red/Green. Might need to sell the Rings and pick one of these up.

This probably won’t kill off Rings for me, because I love piping external sounds through it too much. It’s definitely looking to take over the spot I had planned for Plonk though.

Just ordered this. I’m going to see if it manages to oust Rings from my rack or not. I only have room in my rack for one or the other. That said, I am yet to be disappointed in a Mutable module & this one looks pretty great.

auh this is incorrect

two of the “red” models are from rings

there are many other voice/exciter/drum voices to explore, each w an alternate voice output.

Plaits will not “kill off” your Rings.

It will make it much, much better


Really cool redesign. Ordered one from Schneidersladen. Exciting!

also - if you dig the immediacy of Rings (ie v/oct in and off you go) you will delight in Plaits internal envelope/lpg. super easy to dial in straight up IDM melody leads or demented percussion


And here I was planning on a second Mangrove!

Decisions decisions…

yeah, while there’s some overlap with rings, other modes seem like a good complement

Such a thoughtful UI: three controls, not two, proper attenuators, and a built-in VCA. Also, it has two of my favourite MI oscillator modes in it - the 2-op FM hidden in Rings, and the waveshaped triangle out of Tides.

I have literally finished building a bunch of analogue VCOs I was contemplating swapping my Braids out for. And then this. I know I’m a fanboy, but this is great: lovely UI, smaller and cheaper than Braids (it’s £199 in the UK).

It certainly is much more compelling than a µBraids.


I marvel at his ability to compete with himself, a high bar to leap.


He is remarkable at taking his time - I note that many of the beta testers on MW have been using this thing for months, and I imagine it’s been through a lot of revs. A combination of knowing yourself, trusting yourself, and having skills. He’s how I got into building synth things, and I am always going to be a little envious.


First Mutable thing I’ve been interested in. So clean.


I was fine until the chord mode. Then I blacked out and came to with an “order confirmed” message in my inbox.


DC-coupled audio output, extending the range of the module to very low frequencies (Braids could not reach LFO ranges).



Got to buy one! Was saving money for either a digitone or digitakt, but this is great (and cheaper).

I had been itching to hear some demos of the model changing stuff, luckily Richard Devine had one up on his IG. Looks like it’ll be just as good as the Braids Meta mode.

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I am watching the overview video and keep wanting to say “whoa but dang how about the ______ mode” but then it would be pretty much all of them. I’m especially into the particle noise mode and some of the 8-bit style sounds that seem to be coming from a few of the modes.

building my Shruthi about 5 years ago was a pretty pivotal step for me to get into making music again (after a few years hiatus), and definitely was what got me into synth DIY, and then Braids was my first Euro module. I, too, have a soft spot for Olivier’s approach to things, and his open source files have been a huge help to my slowly learning hardware design.


the demos sound great, but it has too many modes and I would end up just using one and feeling guilty about neglecting all the other synthesis engines…