Mutable Instruments Plaits


Indeed! One of the reasons I personally love all-analogue modules is because the originals almost always keep a unique aspect that makes them differently desirable from any “upgrades” down the road. The modules that are effectively just a computer, jacks, knobs, and optionally a display are far more, ahem, “mutable” (cough) and thus much more prone to rapid evolution and significant feature delta over time. Not that that’s a bad quality - older modules retain quite a lot of life as this forum proves! - but just one to always keep in mind. If you’re buying a computer-behind-a-panel you’re increasingly getting into a product upgrade cycle of single-digit years and even months in some cases.

You pays your money and you takes your choice, as they say.


@trickyflemming / @papernoise Plaits doesn’t seem to have the 3x[wave] modes in quite the same way as Braids - is that correct? I see it has a chord mode, but I use those modes so often (and like having individual control over each wave) I could easily justify keeping Braids forever just for them.


Chord mode is different in Plaints indeed. It’s pretty great imho once you get the hang of it, but it’s definitely working in a different way. What is cool about the new chord mode is morphing between inversions/transpositions! Also you get the root note of the chord on AUX, which is handy sometimes.


Only question for me is, “Does it fill a need”.


@papernoise, thank you for recentering my LPG-lovin’ lazer focus. the other facets of the demos are certainly lovely.

that audio rate modulation example, woooooo. excited to see what folks do with this!


if you like the 3x modes, def keep a Braids around. 3xSines is basically going to keep Braids mounted for a while in my instrument


Tides + Plaits + Warps = Killer complex oscillator!


After hours of listening to Plaits demos and tracks, I’ve concluded that it would not fill a need for me. Moreover, it sounds too much like Braids and the other MI oscillators, none of which appeal to me. So…meh.


It’s not for me but very nice design, glad to see his work evolve.


I want multiple. Seems incredibly useful, versatile, and hands-on.


Darn it, I was hoping clouds successor… oh well, next summer then


October-ish I read on the mutable forums


Ah… Looong wait then… Hopefully my Kammerl clouds will take some of the pain away in the mean while.


I had the chance to have it for test and feedback back in 2016. This is an incredibly versatile module.
I just bought two of them !


Not been following eurorack for a while and I cant find it on the MI site: what’s the MI module with faders on the left of the Plaits?

Never glued with the Braids, but curious about the Plaits… colourblind though: are the leds indicating different modes through colours? Not able to use my rings because I can’t identify the modes. :frowning: (Now I think of it maybe I should try alt firmware with diff colours which I’m able to differentiate! They are just rgb leds right?)


Watching the demos and thinking this too. In fact I really have this problem with all optionality. But from first impressions, even in one mode, given the price and hp, its still great value. I would still feel guilty though…


Thinking of getting Elements but already own Rings, so not sure how much overlap I can handle in my somewhat limited rig… Sounds amazing though, def. one of the better MI products out there


This was going to be my response to your point above. I agree totally that I don’t need MkII, the new thing (not The New Thing though) etc I have limited myself to a small system but i expect this module in particular would make a number of modules redundant in my system freeing up +20hp even if i only used a couple of modes. But these are modules I wouldn’t otherwise part with.


Plaits has appeared as I was considering a uBraids, Rings, an 808 style Kick + Snare and WMDs Fracture.

It seems like it could scratch most of those itches, in 12hp.

If it doesn’t gel, I’m sure I won’t have any trouble flipping it in a couple of months.

I might be alone, though, in preferring the screen of Braids (particularly the vector-like oled of uBraids) over the glyphs and leds of Clouds.


I love my Rings, and this seems like it should be a great complement to it. Much excite!