Mutable Instruments Plaits


Woah, woah, woah! Everybody hold up!

Good spot! That is clearly ANOTHER new Mutables module. With a Slider/Fader - could be a sequencer @Kel ?


it’s been already investigated :face_with_monocle:



yes the different banks are “green” or “red” so you would need to maybe mod the LEDs to colors that would appear different for you.


We are actually aware of modules like Rings being hard to use for people who are colour blind, it’s certainly something we will pay much more attention to in the future. In this case it should not be a big issue though. The only information that is conveyed through colour is if you’re in the “left side” or “right side” bank, but since you are using two different buttons to select them the colour is actually not all that relevant.

edit: actually I have to add that there might be a case where the colour could be relevant and that’s when modulating the MODEL CV, it might, in this case not always be easy to see which model is actually selected. Not sure it’s really a deal breaker.

Something I have been thinking about (but I’m just thinking aloud here): would blinking at different speeds of the LEDs help to give feedback about which mode is active on Clouds (there’s only the tricky part with the alt modes, which do blink, but I’m sure it can be solved)?


Varying blinking speed might still make it hard to differentiate between modes, but having distinct patterns (e.g. “long-short-short” vs “long-long-short”) could work, I think.


Yes, that is another thing I was just thinking as well. Different speeds also only get you that far.


I’m curious, are the LEDs in Plaits RGB, or the red/green combo type? As you probably know the most common form of colorblindness results in problems dissociating red from green, so even switching to a different color pair would help.

My dad is colorblind but works with electronics and LEDs, and uses a pack of labelled lighting gel samples (such as would be used to color theatre lights) to identify the LED colors, since a colored transparent gel will reduce the brightness of colored light that is not the same color as the gel. So for example on Plaits, if you placed a semi-transparent tape over the column of LEDs that was green on the left side and red on the right side, the LED would be brighter on the indicated side, even if you were colorblind.


I’m red/green colourblind and have used a similar trick for a few years now. I have a pair of cheap, cardboard, red/green 3d glasses. I either wear them and close one eye or hold a lense up to the LED.


The blinking lights on peaks are very useful to this colorblind user, which could be useful on other modules.

As for the clouds mood, I just remember the mode or hold the button down to check- I only use the LEDs to set levels. I love Tides and usually leave it in cycling mode and, again, just click through the ranges until I am where I intend. The speed of the LED flashing with the frequency is great. It’s perhaps not the most elegent adaptation on my part, but even having my modular is luxury. I am thrilled this issue is even being considered, thank you so much!!!

PS- I think some LEDs change color with polarity (Veils, maybe)…this is sort of lost on me, visually. I can see changes but can’t identify the colors if that makes sense?


I really like the noise modes, and the « particle noise » is very interesting. Braids has a particle mode as well, but this one is really different. well, the price is reasonable, maybe I’ll get one :slight_smile:

Btw: Plaits doesn’t have built-in quantizers, right ?


I don’t think they are RGB, but I’d need to check.

that’s interesting. Not sure if that could be incorporated in a module, but if it works with the LEDs on Rings it might actually be a workaround.

On Tides there is a little help for the frequency, since the middle feature is represented by the LED being off, and you can usually guess which range is active by the activity LED’s blinking time. The mode is maybe a bit more tricky since the two envelope modes are both using a lit LED, but again it’s probably easy to guess which mode you’re in by just sending it a gate and seeing if the voltage stays up for the length of the gate or not.

One Clouds I guess the tricky part might be changing resolution mono/stereo, isn’t it?

Yes it does show positive voltages in gree and negative in red. It might be handy sometimes to be able to identify the polarity of the signal that goes through, though imho it’s more a nice to have thing. I think the problematic module might just be Rings.

no it doesn’t


Looks like its time to sell my Clouds. I even still have the box and the little figure that came with it.



the vinyl crackle / dusty sounds are too good


That alone is worth the price of admission IMO.


I worry for my wallet! I was meh up until divkids video. Now I reckon I may splurge… But not for a while, need to shift some gear first.


Yeah watched few videos as well and decided its not my jam.


I’ve also made up my mind… I’m keeping my Braids and waiting to see what the next Mutable and Mannequins modules will be. Do I need another oscillator? No. Do I want a possible Clouds successor and whatever amazing thing Mannequins is cooking up? YES!


Pretty much this right here.


Yeah, I need a few months to see what happens here. Seems like there’s a ton of good stuff on the horizon.

Mixed feelings on Plaits - I love the idea of getting rid of the Braids screen, but I wonder if those glyphs will be intuitive to use. So many useful sounds from it though. My favorites are the organ/chordal sounds and the particle and noise varieties. The fact that this has a built in LPG/VCA would be really interesting paired with the Rings input.