Mutable Instruments Plaits


Yeah watched few videos as well and decided its not my jam.


I’ve also made up my mind… I’m keeping my Braids and waiting to see what the next Mutable and Mannequins modules will be. Do I need another oscillator? No. Do I want a possible Clouds successor and whatever amazing thing Mannequins is cooking up? YES!


Pretty much this right here.


Yeah, I need a few months to see what happens here. Seems like there’s a ton of good stuff on the horizon.

Mixed feelings on Plaits - I love the idea of getting rid of the Braids screen, but I wonder if those glyphs will be intuitive to use. So many useful sounds from it though. My favorites are the organ/chordal sounds and the particle and noise varieties. The fact that this has a built in LPG/VCA would be really interesting paired with the Rings input.


this seems like a great and versatile compliment to my DPO and the BIA i recently traded for. It solves my chord problem and gives me a massive bunch of sounds to make drones, percussions, and other filler elements in my compositions. I’ve got a really interesting prototype coming soon that I can only effectively describe as a “maths with wavetable crossfading between its outputs” that is going to be insane as a crossfader between the main and aux outputs for a dynamic sound.

I wholeheartedly agree with olivier’s reasoning for discontinuing braids(all of those reasons are why I never picked up one in the first place) and the more intuitive interface of plaits. And it makes me very happy to see that he managed to lower the price making it more accessible to more people. I hope other manufacturers follow in his footsteps.

sighs and opens up modulargrid


distinct patterns would be great, or else, RGB leds that allowed for alternative colors


How about one side the LED lights up on the selected algorithm and on the other side every LED is on except the selected one?


re: LEDs - aren’t there Red/Blue bicolor LEDs available in the same package as the more common Orange-ish Red/Green? RGB would seem to be a bit more complicated to switch to.


A little cross-post from the “Latest Tracks & Videos” thread, as Plaits arrived today:

I’ve been spending some time with the new Mutable Instruments Plaits this afternoon & I’m absolutely smitten with this module already.

Here’s a little track I put together using the Filtered Noise mode. Delay provided by Disting & Clouds providing some modulation. Just a simple Euclidian trigger from Pamela’s New Workout & a melodic sequence from Ornament & Crime’s Sequins. I just set the above off & played around with a few of the controls as it was going. Seriously looking forward to some more studio time with this great oscillator.


dang, that was quicker than I expected! where did yours come from?


I ordered through Mattech Modular, so it only had to travel from the north of England to the south coast.


As cool as this is, I’m more looking forward to whatever else there is in store, especially in terms of the ground covered by peaks.


I made another track featuring Plaits today - this one is more indicative of how it works with other things going on in the mix too & utilises the Granular Formant Oscillator mode. The counter-melody is from my Moog Mother 32.


this is lovely! 20202020


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.


@hightowersdeepwells I’m wondering how you are finding the aux output? It’s one of the features that seems most exciting about the module to me.


I never bought Braids, and am now glad I didn’t. However, I do have both Clouds and Peaks, and think perhaps it is time to sell them.


I’m yet to properly get into the aux output - I’m also really excited to dive into the possibilities that this brings. Have you got any specific patch ideas in mind for this?


I think there was some mention on the mutable site some of the aux outputs to excite rings - which could be really fun. Putting both outputs through three sisters would be fun.

Generally I think parallel processing and moving between two different but related signals will create a lot of really musical possibilities.


Definitely! I’m going to try to make something musical using this & Rings as my after-work patch tomorrow. I’ll update this thread again so long as I manage to make something half-decent!