Mutable Instruments Plaits


Today’s rumination on Plaits marks my 1st patching attempt utilising the Aux out. This is being used twice in this track - once to excite Rings on the melodic content (with disparate sequences being sent to both) - Plaits is in the Granular Formant Oscillator mode for this, with Rings functioning as a Modal Resonator.

Both outputs are also used to provide some rhythmic content too - with Plaits in the Filtered Noise mode for this.

Plaits is being used (yet again) as one part of the drone underpinning everything, this time in Wavetable Oscillator mode, providing an octave up to a Square wave coming from my Mother 32.

Today’s track was less immediate to make than yesterday’s or the day before’s, but my wife (who is a music teacher) has Parent’s Evening tonight, so I had extra time on my hands :slight_smile: Bonus points to anyone who can name the location of the picture.


Wow! This is lovely!


tromsø? 20 characters


Thanks, glad you liked it.


Correct! Such a beautiful place & the first place we ever managed to see the Northern Lights.


I explored some different modes this afternoon - today it was the turn of 2 Operator FM & Chord modes. Today’s picture is much closer to home (taken on my street).


That sounds so good. Thanks for all these demos!


these demo tracks are so good! keep em coming!


Final Plaits demo of the week (I plan to spend the weekend finishing off my LCRP submission & I’m really intrigued by the Junto @disquiet has posted this week, so time permitting I may post something for that).

To take the demos on a little bit of a tangent, I am only utilising the Aux output to excite Rings in this one, but again, several modes (harmonic, vowel & chord) are used for this purpose. This has been such a fun week exploring this module :slight_smile:


Curious, does anyone know what microprocessor is used in Plaits? Wondering if Olivier is sticking with the STM32 line ARM chips or has decided to go another route?




First couple patches with Plaits:


Watched the guys at Synth City in the process of setting up for this video featuring four Plaits and a MalletKAT MIDI controller:


Having a lot of fun with Plaits! This one is the chord mode (which is really fun for building drones) on one plaits, and the harmonic oscillator mode with the plucky LPG on a second plaits, going into warps and out into pedals.


@Tyresta & @jlmitch5 - these are sounding great. Good to see you’re both enjoying this module too. :slight_smile:


Same to you @hightowersdeepwells and @jlmitch5! Excited to check out more of your music. :headphones:


I’ve only spent about an hour with Plaits in my case; first impressions are very good. Very clever design, dense but ergonomic, good sounds, complements my analog oscillators (DPO, VCOb) without replacing them entirely.

Favorite cheap trick so far is to run an LFO into the trig input and dial it in just right that it is riding the edge between being a solid tone and discrete hits, makes for quite a rich timbre in many of the modes.


Ansible 1-3 -> Teletype 1-3
Teletype TR 1 -> Plaits Trig
Teletype CV 1 -> Plaits Model

Set Plaits to Bassdrum.

TT scene:

CV 1 V 0
DEL 5: TR.P 1 
CV 1 412
DEL 5: TR.P 1
CV 1 910
DEL 5: TR.P 1

Ansible triggers 1 - 3 will trigger Plaits Bassdrum, Snare, and Hi-hats respectively.
(In the script, I just ran with the first cv values that worked :slight_smile: )

Edit: This can obviously be done without the TT, but you’re restricted to one CV/G track of the Ansible. Which means you can’t mute the individual drums.


Sure do wish these were still available somewhere. :sweat_smile:


(still in stock at the time of posting this)