Mutable Instruments Plaits


Aaaaand ordered. Thanks my dude!


will definitely be using this DEL 5 trick in the future, nice!


A slight delay between CV and Trig, is often a wonderful thing :slight_smile:


Plaits is worth the price for the Kicks alone. That said, I’m not sure I can justify the HP when I’m trying to downsize.

Half the size with just the models on the right-hand side would be perfect. What’s the best model on the left side?


Right now I am pretty fond of the Harmonic Osc, but mostly I have been in the red zone with aux out to Rings :slight_smile:


@Justmat I’ve been exploring your script and tweaking it to work when receiving similar triggers at the same time on the 3 teletype ins. I’m working right now with Tempi sending it quarter, eight and sixteenth notes into the 3 respective teletype ins (I guess this would be a sort of race condition).

To deal with this I’m setting/resetting a variable which acts as a conditional for breaking the snare/hi-hat scripts. The idea being to give “precedence” to kick over snare and snare over hi-hat. The break controls don’t quite work 100%…I wonder if there’s some magic math to get them to work exactly as expected.

I’ve got the param knob to tweak the delay time on the reset of the a variable I’m using as gate. fully CW will essentially act as a kick solo…and moving it CCW will bring in more drums.

TT scene:

TR.TIME 1 15
A 1
CV 1 V 0
DEL 5: TR.P 1
A 1
CV 1 412
DEL 5: TR.P 1
DEL DIV PARAM 2: A 0 // no real reason I'm dividing, just seemed to help when I was messing around?
CV 1 910
DEL 5: TR.P 1


reducing the models to just the right side would not gain you many HPs. reducing the knobs would, but it would make the module very boring. The best model is probably the one you like best, which I guess is something only you can know :slight_smile:


Good point re HP and Knobs.

“Best” is subjective, you’re right. I should have asked which left-side models people are enjoying most.


I was of course just teasing you! Btw. I personally really like the Harmonic oscillator mode and the waveshaping oscillator. The cool thing about these is that you get a pretty wide spectrum of timbres, and I really like the sound of the wavefolded one… not sure I can explain that, it just resonates with me on a deeper level.


Surprised myself last night when I discovered the speak & spell mode contains a lot more depth than I expected. I figured it’d just be a bit of a fun gimmick, but at the right settings, with the right modulation, it makes very interesting textures and rhythms, with no discernible words heard.


Totally feel the same! I had it doing a really nice LoFi metallic string pluck. Sounded amazing through a delay!


Got mine today, and really appreciating this Teletype snippet right now. Very fun way to route drums!

So far I love this thing!


i missed the purchase fury of this too, i am VERY interested in LPC though


just wanna say that as of yesterday, robotspeak still had plaits in stock! I had to pay $26 for ground shipping, which is a little ridiculous, but they were the only dealer I could find that still had them, so it was that or wait till may.


Three new songs featuring Plaits as the main sound source. STO and Rings are also in the mix.


Wowee! It’s like christmas in March! :smiley:


I’ve noticed that if I leave a cable patched to Trig and power cycle, my module acts sort of like I am modulating Model. The previously selected mode is indicated by a flashing green light, and then the red Hihats led is lit. When I remove the cable from Trig it goes back to normal.

Does this happen for anyone else?


One thing I’ve noticed is that the octave shift on harmonic knob isn’t saved on power down. I’ve got a kria track doing kick snare and hats modulating model and every time I start up I need to drop the octave down. Something to be aware of! It recalls the model and AFAIK the lpg settings but not the octave pitch range


finally got mine into the rack today. Best thing I can say about it is that it doesn’t sound like the demos when I use it, it sounds like me. Caveat being I need to not get too wavetabley, though I’ve never really used wavetable synths much. Also the percussion side and rings are amazing together, with some modulation through dld it’s absolutely monstrous.


I find it hard to pick just one favorite…

The first mode, though it seems like it’d be the most vanilla, does some cool things with sync and gets pretty interesting on the Aux output.

FM mode seems smoother than the one in Rings, though I haven’t done an A/B test to make sure of that – it could just be it’s very well suited to the internal LPG. I am an FM junkie, and appreciate having lots of variations available :smiley:

Waveshaping mode is fantastic IMHO. I was a Plaits beta tester since later December, and I sold my Tides, which was my first Euro module :slight_smile:

Harmonic and formant modes are very cool.

The vocal mode is suprisingly useful; just leave the trigger unpatched and navigate the phonemes with CV, or use it “frozen” on particular phonemes.

I get more use out of the green side than the red side, but then I don’t use a lot of drums in my music. Red for me is cool for abusing the noise and percussion models for non-percussion uses, feeding Rings, and accompanying Rings.