Mutable Instruments Plaits


Reading all your comments, I really can’t wait to get my hands on mine! For those into drums, how are you finding the drum models?


Mine arrived a couple of days ago. I can’t really get past the filtered noise and particle noise into Rings Three Sisters and then feedback patched through Cold Mac and JF. I’m making sounds that I’ve never made before. Loving it so far.
Also, chord mode has some fantastic sweet spots. Its what I wanted Telharmonic to be…


my first day with Plaits, I got overzealous and tried to access any (now confirmed non-existent) Easter Eggs by holding down both buttons, which seems to have gotten me into calibration mode! I was running a sequence through at the time and don’t think I messed anything up too badly, but does anybody have any info on the best procedure to re-calibrate (or reset to factory), just in case?


How do you guys enjoy Plaits so far for drum purposes?
I mean not only the kick, snare, hihat algos but for experimental stuff with Mode switching.
I try to get into Plonk and Basimilus Iteritas territory. I’m not sure why, but it seems to me I could achieve better results with Braids in Meta Mode. I guess the new mode Cv in + the internal LPG should make Plaits very suited for this kind of stuff. Any tips? I have try harder :slight_smile:
Here, it’s quite a pity, that you cannot cv the decay of the LPG/VCA


I’ve experimented with this and found it super satisfying but absolutely requires you attenuate the Model CV in. I’ve had the range cover the first 3-4 green modes and the last 3-4 red modes, using the internal LPG. I don’t have a Plonk or Basimilus so can’t compare for ya.


AFAIK you should not have to recalibrate but definitely contact MI


done and Olivier responded in like, 45 seconds with the procedure. As it seemingly should never be necessary for anyone else to use, just know that contacting MI is the best way to go!


out of curiosity, does anyone know how calibration is handled in plaits? I’ve checked the manual a few times. i feel like it’s seemed pretty on most the time, but i really liked the simplicity (and maybe moreover the calming effect) of calibrating braids. it made it really easy to be like, “hm is there a calibration issue? i’ll just calibrate it to be sure”, and those little things sometimes just allow me to worry a bit less.

So for my low level paranoia that modules _could _ be out of calibration, I wouldn’t mind a little cheat code to jump into calibration mode.


IIRC you don’t need to calibrate Plaits, does it behave strangely? If it does contact MI. Calibrating Plaits is very similar to how it works in all MI modules, but I can’t remember how exactly unfortunately.


I feel like it’s been fine.

It’s a lazy habit, but I often use the braids calibration method to tune my braids really quickly (menu dive, spit it a 0v and 2v from ansible or TT, and it’s in tune).

It’s not a deal breaker at all, I’ve really enjoyed my experience w/ plaits, but I was curious if there was a way to access the calibration anywhere near as seamlessly as it was on braids to continue cheating at tuning :wink:


I currently have two Plaits, which is a lot of fun! I’m considering swapping one of them out for a Mangrove just for something a little different (I’ve never had an analog oscillator if you don’t consider a resonating filter as one).

I’m interested in hearing people’s experiences who have both (or have Plaits and other analog oscillators).


actually you can (quoting Olivier) by feeding it your own envelope!


can you elaborate? What to feed?


env -> trig or cv -> morph?


I have a mangrove and plaits in a small case I’ve been using recently and they compliment each other very well. In fact I’ve had trouble previously with mangrove not playing nicely with other oscillators but not plaits. The FM mode and harmonic oscillator modes and most of the noise modes sound particularly nice with mangrove grittiness


Interesting… I had a Mangrove briefly, and while I thought it was lovely I didn’t feel like it worked as well with other VCOs as I was used to. I also feel like Plaits is more of a standalone module, except for being an excellent source for Rings.


In this un-cutted/un-edited jam, I used Plaits and Mangrove:

Plaits is used in chord mode, with chords modulated by voltage block (no pitch change) and Mangrove is the bass line.

Mangrove can be used as a standalone module, Air acting as a VCA. Mangrove really shines when modulated. It’s a wonderful module, you can get a lot from it.

Plaits and Mangrove complement one another really well, but they have a different approach.


Dang. That is pretty! Your “uncut” jams beat mine on orders of magnitude. :wink: I’d be curious to see your ModularGrid if you can link me! I’d be curious if you can remember any other patch notes. You have some dope transitions in there!

So I’ve been using a modified version of the drum routing script for Teletype posted elsewhere. A single Plaits can handle solo drum duties really nicely! That said I kinda want to free up Teletype to do other stuff.

Does anyone have any thoughts on a super-compact means to send along the 3 preset CV values for Mode changes on trigger? Plaits also needs a slight delay on that trigger to allow it time to Mode shift. Has anyone else tried this with other hardware?


@grey have you considered a TXo expander? It’s a good way to get some more outputs out of teletype plus they have some unique features not present in the on-board outs (can be used as oscillators, can send out negative CV). There looks to be a run that will be available in the near future (see this thread)

Really appreciate the advice and information (and really enjoyed your track @aroom). I had someone contact me privately about a Plaits/Mangrove swap and I’m coordinating details, so I should be able to see for myself shortly!


I’ve got a TXi; waiting for a TXo. :relaxed: I’m happy with how it works as is, but adding more I/O won’t reduce the ever precious scripting space!