Mutable Instruments Plaits


Thanks guys for the kind words. Here’s the patch note I included with the track:

Mutable Instruments Plaits in chords mode being modulated by voltage block. Ultra Random Analog thru Three Sisters and Erbeverb for the droplets effect. Bass by Mangrove, modulated by Peaks envelop and LPZW WK2. Some random bell notes by Just Friends fm’ed by E350 thru the tape echo from Disting MK4. Kick by BIA, snare by Rings, hats by URA with noise thru Streams.

That’s my system:

I recently swop the E350 for a 2hp OSC (was principally using the Sine anyway) and Stages is on his way and wasn’t used in the aforementioned track.


A fellow lines member messaged me and we did a Mangrove/Plaits trade. I’m having a lot of fun with Mangrove so far. Here’s a patch that uses Mangrove for bass, Rings for the higher strings, and Plaits/Warps/Humpback for the weird cloud of plucky stuff. I think Mangrove compliments the other modules well and adds a new, growly dimension to my rack!


Thanks for sharing this. I just bought a Mangrove, and have a Plaits waiting to ship. Despite being extremely anxious now, I thoroughly enjoyed this.


Did the track make you extremely anxious? I hope not. :anguished:

Here’s another un-cutted/edited track with the pair Plaits/Mangrove. Plaits in chord mode as well.


Yes, extremely anxious for Plaits and Mangrove to show up on my front porch :smile: