Mutable Instruments Rings


It’s like @xenus_dad wrote: modulate structure and position carefully to make it glide over the notes in the scale.
Here’s one example with some kind of lap steel effect (well, sort of):


That’s a really lovely sound!


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Really lovely. Gonna try this


You just paste the link and it pops up. That’s how I do it at least :grimacing:


Thank you! Do that. Watch out cuz it’s really addictive.


I can imagine :slight_smile: I love slide guitars, but slide rings might be even better


Cool. It is possible I need to be a “Regular” before mine will unfurl, which is fine. :slight_smile:


Hit the 3 buttons on Instagram and select share. You should get an option to copy the link. Paste it in here et voilà.


I don’t have that option on Android or Web, but it’s cool :slight_smile: I’ll figure it out, or not.



I’m on android and can share links. It may be that the videos you want to share are private?

The copy link bit is what I use.


Helps if I read all the options on my phone. Successfully embedded! Thanks.


Can you explain a bit more both the feedback and the lo-fi delay uses? They seem pretty cool :slight_smile:


Lofi delay: feed the V/OCT and FM inputs a negative voltage offset (or positive inverted with the attenuverters) to drop the frequency below audio rates, and turn Damping up to max or near-max. Sympathetic strings mode works really well for it, but the other modes can too.

Feedback: literally just a feedback patch where you mix some audio signal with a Rings output of Rings, and patch that mixer into Rings’ input. Maybe insert something else in between, like a wavefolder. I like matrix mixers for feedback patching. You’ll probably want a VCA after the “final” output and/or before the Rings input.

Feedback can cause some clipping/saturation within Rings, which then activates additional filter bands in the resonator – so you can feed it a sine and get rich violin- or horn-like tones out of it.


Very cool! Are -5v enough to get into the super low frequency range?


I think -5V should be fine, could be wrong though :slight_smile:

GAS haiku thread

And here it is! Rings can into looping!


My rings has arrived, my second module. The first being mikrophonie… I’m looking for advice for a third that will complement rings…

I have a diy peaks, tides and ripples in the works and a bigger case planned but I have just bought a house boat with my girlfriend that we are restoring so it’s not going to be until September that I can work on these or really consider expanding my gear, so I’m looking for one more module to add to this to keep me satisfied for the next few months.

They’re in a 32hp case, so I have 14hp to work with, though im considering a diy rampage in place of the mikrophonie… or a simple multi envelope + quantiser for dual modulation and sequencing duties?
I have also considered external sequencer like keystep, plus modulation source. I’m looking to be able to be as versatile as possibly so I can try a few different things over the coming months. I have a 4 track, fx pedals, mixer, volca fm and sample and am interested in textural and ambient, so I feel modulation and v/oct source will be most critical.

Like I said, I’m restoring a boat so trying to spend a final ~£150 (not a lot I know so ideally modules available as a kit - I’m avoiding pcb+panel until I have more time) then I can take a break from GAS for the summer!

Tricky I know, it’s why I thought I’d co e here! Any suggestions?


+1 for rampage!! You can do so much different things with it!

For example: lfo, filter, env… also the end-of-cycle is great…


An Expert Sleepers Disting perhaps? It would certainly give you some options to play with. For example, the firmware includes LFOs, VCOs, quantiser, envelopers, delays, filters, euclidean patterns, audio playback. You might be able to get one of the older versions cheap (though it must be noted that that’s at the cost of a much less intuitive display).