Mutable Instruments Rings


I totally forgot about multifunction modules! Thanks :slight_smile:

I do also like the idea of the rampage - I feel it would have more to teach me analouge-wise, while with the disting I could experiment with a wider range of techniques! Hmmm…


Plaits I think is a really good companion for Rings – several of its modes are great fodder for the audio input, and it has “mini” versions of a couple of Rings modes that blend well with it.


is that a reversed face plate?


Been playing with rings all evening, feeding it various things like guitar and contact mic to the IN, plus feedback loop while using the contact mic to vaguely modulate the Position or structure…

Learnt a few things already, namely I really need a more competent modulation source, and a v/oct source would really open up musical options too… currently thinking SQ-1 plus modulation module (disting + extra lfo) or a rampage…
I was originally wanting to pair it with a keystep for traditional playability but I feel more abstract and generative inputs seem to suit rings and me better!
Finally, I’ve learnt from the mikrophonie that I REALLY enjoy controlling modules by touch and a pressure points or tsnm would really suit me.

Really enjoying Rings so far! Hopefully I will record a patch when I have time soon!


sq1 and rampage are great starting points to open up rings, rampage has great binary outputs (from the comparators, rise/fall, eor/eoc) that can be used with the less sweepable “structure” modes (at least i think so). i use an s/h for this too. and of course the sq1 can trigger things on rampage. fun fun fun.


I have to say, the tsnm and ring in its hidden 2op fm mode make a very playable instrument on their own, throw in some modulation and filtering and it gets wild!


Thanks everyone, I like the idea of the rampage but it would push mikrophonie out of my case and I’m really enjoying having the physical control and external inputs.
So I’m swaying towards the disting, and for a mk3 I can get it for £50 cheaper than a rampage kit, which I might put towards a simple doepfer module later on.


I am not a huge fan of the Disting; especially in its mk3/mk4 incarnations, it’s annoyingly fiddly to operate. But - it works quite well as a demo disk for other modules: if you find yourself using it in one mode all the time, it probably means you want to own the actual thing in question. As it stands: I mainly end up using my mk1 as a clocked delay…


I think ill probably aggree with you! But im not going to get any other module with even a few of the functions of the disting for under £100!!
I will probably sell it later on when it’s been replaced with some dedicated modules, but as one module to experiment with for the next few months I feel it will suit me well and help me decide on what modules to get in the future!!


Totally. I used my Mk4 almost exclusively as a waveshaper, so sold it and a fun waveshaper is now on the list.

Plus that screen. Ugh.


Second ever patch with rings, some horror film soundtrack stuff using a noisy (slipping) cassette loop…

My first ever patch was giving it some gentle guitar, which I’m developing into a more complete thing with a loop pedal and some other non modular elements that I hope to record tomorrow!
Having a lot of fun but feeling very limited without any cv… but hopefully getting an sq-1 tomorrow and disting next week which should really open things up!


I just got a Rings and decided to excite it with a street sweeper blade and aluminum block and c-clamp kalimba with some contact mics running through a KOMA Field Kit. I haven’t barely started to comprehend Rings, but I enjoy the resonance a lot! Here’s a sample:


I love the lofi delay. Always wished someone would mod the firmware to allow the freq knob to go all the was down to delay town.


Marbles is easily my favorite things to pair with rings. Nice quantized generative sequencing and some modulation options all tied up in one flexible package.


I can’t believe after over a year of owning Rings, almost two years oops, I’ve just started playing with FM. Plaits particle dust -> Rings in, Mangrove formant -> Rings RM. I think I was in inharmonic mode, and the output sounded like flicking a spring reverb :smiley:


I admit, FMing Rings is not something I have experimented with as much as I should :slight_smile:


I feel like something is off with my Rings. I can’t seem to get a short decay on any sounds any more. If I put the Damping knob all the way counter clockwise the sound still rings out. Especially with the strings. I tried sending more negative CV in but it doesn’t help. I don’t remember the module behaving this way when I first got it. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know how to factory reset the module?


Here’s the calibration procedure, copied from the manual. I did this myself after having some issues with my Rings not tracking pitch well, and it definitely helped. I used References on my uO_c to provide the proper reference voltage.

To calibrate the unit:

  1. Disconnect all CV inputs.
  2. Connect the note CV output of a well-calibrated keyboard interface or MIDI-CV converter to the V/OCT input.
  3. Connect a patch cable to the FREQUENCY CV input. Leave the other end of the cable unplugged (this prevents the internal connection to +/- 1 semitone to be activated).
  4. Hold both the polyphony and resonator type buttons for two seconds. This is the “secret handshake” to enter the calibration procedure. The first LED blinks in orange.
  5. Play a C2 note, or send a 1V voltage from your CV source.
  6. Press the polyphony button. The second LED blinks in orange.
  7. Play a C4 note, or send a 3V voltage from your CV source.
  8. Press the polyphony button to complete the calibration. If the calibration is successful, the module returns to its normal state. Otherwise, the two LEDs will blink in RED for a couple of seconds.


I have a Rings in Random*Source 4u format to go with my Serge/R*S/Stroh rig. So far, I greatly prefer it to Clouds, which I also have in 4u.

My favorite exciter signal by far is white noise through a ganged bandpass filter with heavy modulation of its EGs. Percussive fast-attack stuff and slow attack, blown-bottle stuff. Waveshapers before or after the Rings. I often use a cross-fader to mix/modulate the exciter signal, too, and you can hear a lot of that in these:

Today, I’ve had Rings playing the VCO in a typical subtractive patch, and that’s been humming away all day. The easter egg mode sounds especially nice routed to all the filters and mixed back up again at the end.


It seems so weird to me - and maybe I’m just naive - for a digital module to require calibration over time.