Mutable Instruments Stages


yeah so i’ve got marbles, stages, maths, batumi, telephone game AND cold mac pushing and pulling on each other

and yeah batumi is a very good friend for stages


Thats what I’m talking about! Sounds like a blast :smiley:


I’ll add a mention of Hemisphere Suite (Ornament & Crime alternate firmware). It’s got a whole bunch of utilities that work nicely with modulation and/or sequencing, and audio too if you don’t mind it downsampling (sometimes that’s a feature rather than a bug).


+1 for Hemisphere - I use Scope, Squanch, DualQuantizer, and Burst pretty often. Another under utilized utility! :laughing: But seriously, being able to dual purpose the channels makes the mini O_C a lot of bang for the HP buck. Also, from looking at the code, the apps are surprisingly simple. I should probably play with the envelope generator… :sweat_smile:


i’ve really ended up using stages for all sorts of things and i feel like the design excels in its availability - you don’t need a big idea to execute on Stages itself, but a single free stage can make a great contribution to the general complexity of i guess your modulation ecosystem.


this is a nice summation of my favorite property of Maths and Teletype (and even Just Friends). I think Émilie has described something like it as “convexity”


My favorite thing to do with Stages is to use 3 of its stages to make an AD envelope paired with a sample and hold.

Another fun thing is to make an “ASR” but use an LFO for the sustain stage!


yeah i love this kind of language when thinking about how tools can relate. it’s really a quality i look for.


Love having Stages around but I also get anxious about under utilizing it sometimes, as is the case with other modules that can do a lot of different things. I replaced my o_C with it, and recently I’ve been using it most often as 2 simple AD envelopes because they’re super quick to set up and sound nice. I also have Zadar for modulation envelopes, Batumi and Pam for LFOs, Marbles, Teletype, and Intellijel’s Noise Tools. So sometimes I do wonder if having Stages just for simple envelopes is overkill but I haven’t been able to convince myself to get rid of it.


It’s funny–I’ve seen the exact same conversations about MATHS–people always feel that they’re under-utilizing it. Tony Rolando’s advice is to use it for anything you need–no matter how “minor”. I’ve had a few patches where MATHS was doing some complex CV manipulations to solve a big problem, but it’s mostly great for small, but essential functions. I look at Stages the same way–six super flexible function generators. It’s fantastic for small systems–exactly because you can distribute functions as needed. Amazingly, it also tracks 1V/oct, and makes a nice osc voice, especially pairing two channels and changing waveforms during a patch. Plus–cool harmonic osc, if you can spare all six channels.


maybe we should all hang a sign in our studio/bedroom/synth corner/etc that says something like

It’s okay to use a complex tool for a simple task

may also apply to the rest of our house/life/etc!

Teletype workflow, basics, and questions

I’m literally getting out a post-it right now


I totally agree with the sentiment, I think the creeping thought in modular is inherently:

“Could I use that space better?”

I feel ultra cramped in my 12u 84+HP case with what I am trying to do, but I also don’t want to go to a bigger case. I like the constraint. When I start building consistent patch networks, it’s like,
“…should I replace this Stages with a Batumi and a Doepfer sample and hold?”

The answer is likely no, but owning powerful modules that you use for simple tasks definitely creates an itch for me. For example, I think O_C is great precisely because it’s good at informing what utilities it might make sense to buy. Fortunately that’s not every module, but I feel like utilities are especially susceptible to this phenomenon - more so for multipurpose utilities.

I also think that’s the secret sauce to Intellijel’s success with their cases. Those 1u tiles can free up a lot of space for high impact modules.


yeah Maths and Stages are great for the feeling that you are missing out on some feature or functionality when i think it’s more that you are using them in the best case for your current work and Maths/Stages are incredible supple when your work starts to shift and new needs are found. like i just decided to try looping AD stages in envelopes.


i’m should get a tattoo of my er-301 and this phrase


I seriously think this could work as a series of coffee mugs. Stages, Maths, ER-301, Teletype…

Sometimes I use my E370 as a basic squarewave VCO to clock some other thing.


T shirts please!!! 20char


Had some fun exploring stages with braids in quantize mode :slight_smile:
Sorry my camera stinks… you can’t see my patch cables. Everything on stages is patched somewhere…


Long overdue use of Stages as a sequencer.


when i’m building a patch i’m usually thinking “hey maybe i can keep three stages free and try it out as a sequencer” and that never comes true