Mutable Instruments Stages


this is very very nice

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I use Stages a sequencer for Tides and AD envelope (on Braids IIRC) in this patch! Not a terribly exciting sequence, but it’s fun and cute to me!

PS: sorry for the cross-post from latest tracks, but I figured this was relevant!


You should get another one then!


I recently converted my stage sinto the ouroboros harmonic oscillator mode. Now I have a quandary.
I love having a harmonic oscillator.
I also really liked having all of the things Stages does.
So, do I get another Stages?
Do I bite the bullet and get a Verbos Harmonic Oscillator? (Are there alternatives?)
Or is there anything like Stages out there that I should consider?
Use it for AD envelopes, LFOS, maybe a more complex envelope, and occasionally SH.


Give us a demo of Stages in this mode! I’ve actually never heard the harmonic oscillator mode.

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Regarding the harmonic oscillator question, the Verbos HO could be replaced by a Stages + a RxMx. This setup has an upside and a downside in my view since Stages has multiple waveforms even for the partials and the Verbos only has sines, yet the Verbos has more partials (8 I believe?) and is a contained unit. Also, the RxMx works slightly differently from the scanning mixer in the HO, which may or may not be helpful in your case. Oh, and you get a strike input with the RxMx which is quite a lot of fun.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about whether to buy the HO or a second Stages or even both but space constraints kind of saved me from that decision for the time being.

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Here’s the first thing i did with it. Maybe the subtleties are lost in the mix?
I like it is a pretty playable oscillator.


Yeah, space and money are good restrictions for this kind of decision making. Definitely no room for an RxMx. Until I buy another case…

With Stages you can do a pluck/strike on each partial.


There is actually an alternate firmware for Stages that allows you to turn on the harmonic oscillator by holding any of the buttons for 5 seconds, I’ve got it on mine and it’s really nice since it’s not a hard choice whether you want envelopes or an osc. It should be somewhere on the mutable forums.

edit: Here it is:

Beware though, it was only tested on a single, unchained Stages so I don’t know how it interacts with chained units.


I’ve installed the variant of Stages firmware that has the harmonic oscillator switch and also slower LFO rates.

…but there’s a “scanning harmonic oscillator” custom unit for the ER-301, which I like a lot. It’s relatively simple, but I’ve made a simpler version that removes the “scanning” part and puts the levels of each of the 8 partials under manual 16n Faderbank control.


I’m afraid of the ER-301!


I will have to try this.
The harmonic oscillator is dying for lots of envelopes though. If only Stages could self-replicate!


Afraid in what way? I think ER-301 is actually easier to work with (though not simpler) than a Disting. :smiley: I don’t want to derail too much, but the interface is really well designed, and you don’t have to learn to code to get tons out of it.

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Maybe the size and price? But probably the idea of learning one more thing!

That is one reason I am leaning towards another Stages. I already have a grasp on the basics.


The size and price are definitely significant. It made sense to me since I replaced 8 modules and a pedal with it, and was the impetus for consolidating my system into something that works better for me. But yeah, it’s not a small pricetag and it’s probably not something everyone would love. :slight_smile:

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Have you considered Just Friends in lieu of a second Stages? They play incredibly well together.

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Can you say more about how you use them together?


Finally got around to messing with the Harmonic Osc Easter Egg. LOVE IT paired with Tides, Batumi and Marbles. I wish I didn’t have to unscrew it and mess with the cable every time I want to switch modes. I’m thinking just soldering the three wires to a toggle switch so I can flip between modes. Anyone know of any 1u or 1hp DIY solutions?


joeSeggiola over on the stages MW thread was kind enough to compile a firmware update of stages which allows you to switch with a long button press


OH! Well damn, this changes everything. Now, I just need to make room for a second Stages! :slight_smile: