Mutable Instruments Stages


:raised_hands: thank you!

of course my stages patch doesn’t have a free segment for that lol


Loving my Stages so far… however, the LED’s aren’t very red/green colour blind friendly!!! Only downside.


Unfortunately stages was already too far in the production pipeline when we started to investigate the red/green colour-blindness thing (same as for Marbles). But we are aware of the issue and are currently trying to improve things with a firmware update.


That’s great news - cos the struggle is real! :grinning:


Finally got my shipping notice on Monday. Should get here tomorrow morning! :star_struck:

Really excited to experiment with this. I expect this will be the first of a few of these.


I expect this will be the first of a few of these.

I can probably confirm that. I got one, and fell absolutely in love with the design. I find that it overlaps a reasonable amount with my Batumi and Maths in terms of what I use it for, so now I’m wondering whether I should fill that 44HP with 3x Stages, 2x Stages 1x Batumi, or stick with 1x Batumi 1x Maths 1x Stages… there’s be something very alluring about the idea of 18 segments to be chained and combined in deep and subtle ways.


perfect circuit chained 6


I thought, when I first beta tested Stages, I’d want 2 or 3 chained. But IMHO the best reason to chain them is sequencing, while I prefer Stages’ flexible hybrid weirdness over its capabilities as a sequencer.

I thought maybe I’d replace 12HP of envelopes in my other rack with a Stages eventually, but now there’s the Xaoc Zadar to consider. I’d love to see some demos of that; if it’s friendly enough I’ll replace 20HP of envelopes with it, and keep a single Stages for its flexible hybrid awesomeness.


+100. While it’s fair to say Stages and Zadar are two different animals, for someone with a Batumi and not a lot of space, it’s looking very promising.

…and back to our regularly scheduled discussion.


Aaarrgghh. Zadar looks great, although I am hesitant to use menu driven modules.

This and an intellijel quadratt could team up with batumi and maths may go… Maybe?


I’m willing to accept a minimal amount of menu diving if those menus and the parameters accessible through them can also be put under CV control. That seems to be the goal of the small (probably 3HP) expander XAOC mentions they’re planning for the Zadar. Of course … we still need to hear a demo.


my experience has been similar - I’m actually unsure what I’d do with a 2nd Stages right now, but when I racked it and got digging I was like certain a 2nd would be a blast (not that it wouldn’t be!).

what’s different for me is that after playing around with weird shapes and sequences I just patched it up as a dual S+H/AD env for voice control and love it. I’m trying to find where the shift in my system is that will get Stages knotted up with Maths and Batumi more but everything is so comfortable right now I’m not super motivated.


I just got mine this morning. I guess for me, and I don’t own a Maths or a Batumi, I appreciate just how many things you can do in such little space. I immediately wired it up as a VCO with a 3 note sequence and an AD envelope for a VCA. Sent in some triggers, and instantly I have another voice!

It’s crazy intuitive and flexible. I have a hard time imagining not buying 2 more.

Also, the LED’s in those sliders are WAY brighter than I expected! :laughing:


Realllllyyy looking forward to the firmware update to improve LED for red/green colorblind users!! It’s pretty brutal. It’s the worst possible combination of colors right now :smile:


ah that’s an awesome application of almost EVERYTHING you can do with Stages. I love how it bends completely to the user’s imagination.


I wanted to share another thing. I spent a few hours last night experimenting with audio inputs. I haven’t seen too much discussion on it, but you can use it as a switch for audio as well. The ways it can color audio have a nice lo-fi quality to them.

This is just a “getting to know Stages” experiment. I managed to accomplished similar effects a couple different ways. This one is just cycling between the two outs from Plaits in chord mode and the identity out from Just Friends in sound mode, with careful timing in red mode on the last three Stages channels. Yellow mode adds more inherent color, but is easier to control.


Audio through Stages is fun. While I kind of wish the sample rate was high enough to switch or delay without artifacts, I’ll take advantage of them :slight_smile:


If you don’t mind modifying your modules, a simple solution would be to change the LEDs. I’m sure it’s easy to find bicolor red/blue LEDs that can be substituted. I’m thinking it would be nicer to use as the software fix would have to rely on some blinking patterns that just aren’t as intuitive as colours. There might be some people on the forum willing to do that for you. Maybe even Mutable.


If there were compatible blue/red LEDs I would simply have a batch of 20 or 30 modules made each time with those. It’s not that easy unfortunately.


To those of you that have had Stages for a while, a question:

Do you have any opinions on what module(s) you feel compliment it in order to get the most utility out of it?

It’s had me rethinking a lot of my planning, so I’d appreciate the input.