Mutable Instruments Stages


My go-to “I just want some ambient nearby while I work on something else” patch is six unlinked, slightly varied saw LFOs from Stages into all the channels on my 4MS SMR, and this makes it much…ambienter. (I call it “the very expensive windchimes.”)

But now I’m going to have to investigate what other little edits I might be able to make to the firmware…


the exact multiplier that Olivier suggested was 0.125. Looking forward to playing around with that but it seems like a good start.


This changes shifts the range by a 0.125 factor but maintains V/O tracking. This gives you a range of 64s per cycle (min position of the slider) to 4 Hz (max position).

If you don’t mind losing V/O tracking, you can change the 96.0f constant two lines above to 120.0f. You’ll get a 10 octave range over the course of the slider (from 16s per cycle to 64Hz).

If you combine both changes (120 instead of 96, and the 0.125 factor), you get a range that goes from 128s per cycle to 8 Hz.


Thanks for this! I don’t often go for really slow LFOs, but going a little slower without a negative offset will be nice.


I presume the answer is no, but does this have any impact on the clocked LFO’s?


No impact on the clocked LFOs.


How did you go about making the wav file?


it’s a bit of a process, check here


Apparently an easter egg has been discovered that turns Stages into an harmonic oscillator :slight_smile:


oh MAN! 20 chars of new toy :heart_eyes:


Is the firmware or instructions for this posted anywhere yet?


take the jumper cable that came with the module, and use it connect the two headers on the back to each other (there’s one on each side of the module).


Just Friends make a delightful companion to this :heart_eyes:


Does that make it so this is the only thing it can do while the jumpers are in place? Probably a stupid question but I’m pretty green with some of this stuff… I do have a Stages so it looks like a cool thing to try…


for the timebeing yes, but I think someone on the mutable forum is in the process of editing the firmware to make it possible to use without doing so, and with the ability to switch between it and the regular modes.


That would be great!


Anyone know where the clue was found?


The easter egg is sooooo great. I tried for an hour tonight and was coaxing some beautiful stuff out of it. Has me contemplating getting another one…


Oh man, this is great but Stages’ LFOs are also my only source of modulation in my tiny rack and boy does this benefit from it.


Here, I think: