Mutable Instruments Stages


I think someone found it in the source code.

I was kind of excited about this, and then realized I can set up my E370 as a harmonic oscillator using its Chord Mode and mixer, with four oscs in Phase Mode to allow CV over amplitude without external VCAs, and save that in its patch memory. :thinking:



i was already impressed with stages… this is a very nice surprise as it is not just a little extra thing.
Gates seams to trigger a LPG and Level for the VCA’s. The first stage dosen’t have the VCA as it is used for V/octave tracking but can be silenced with a dummy cable in Gate.

Thanks MI !



in the easter egg mode you can slow down the osc to LFO’s (with a extra -V)

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Have to echo @n-So that Just Friends is such an excellent pairing for the Easter egg, loving this!



Wow this is super topical. I just got a Stages this afternoon.

If you’re in Montreal, there are two left at the usual place.



i only just got this module a couple weeks ago, but it’s easily one of my favorites ever! it does so much! it’s so smartly designed!



so we finally got a Sparkfun order together that was “significant” enough to throw in one of these jumper cables for my Stages.

this implementation of Emelie’s harmonic oscillator that I’ve jammed with on Braids, Sheeps, and Plaits is very nice. like Stages itself, the voice is super accessible. of course just playing around started eating up all the modulation and triggers I use in the rest of my patch.

I highly recommend just playing around if yr keen and have a Stages and are willing to give up whatever Stages has been doing in yr patch (for me, it’s been doing a lot). the variety of control and output kinda blew my mind.

this is the paste from the MI forum (linked above) about how it works, accurate and helpful:

  • The leftmost segment sets the root pitch.
    Its slider and Time/Level CV In are pitch (V/Oct)
    Its pot acts like a fine tuner
    Gate In is trigger/strum? Only affects its own segment, it seems.
  • The other segments are partials
    The pots set their interval in relation to the root pitch (with a familiar slide between the harmonic ratios where you can pinpoint more dissonant intervals, à la orange Rings)
    Slider and Time/Level CV In control volume/VCA
    Gate In is an additional individual trigger/strum for each partial again?

The buttons for each segment flip between waveforms (green sine, orange triangle, red square).
Output 1 is a mix of all segments with their respective volumes as set by their sliders and Time/Level CV Ins, the rest are individual direct outputs for the partials.



Something really cool I found out with stages.

Clock : Gate 5. (2stage AR) Short Attack / Short Decay.
Output Gate 5 -> VCA a nice narley bass VCO. Just get a little beat.

Key : Gate 2. (3stage ASR) I’m using a ADDAC304 Manual Gate to trigger hold.
Output Gate 2 -> Gate 5 Time/level CV.

Now you can get a nice swell and a sustain boom of Bass. Get a nice release and the beat will reemerge.

I’m sure with something like a Tetrapad/ pressure points, you can have a nice bass line going up and down with manual swell.

Reverb it up!

Enjoying this little trick.



Hi! new stages owner here.

Anyone using it in conjunction with Ornament and Crime? Would love to hear some patch ideas!

Super stoked to be a part of the club.

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I’d like to hear about that as well…

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Hmmm… I can’t say there’s anything essential between the two that I’ve come across, but they both can perform a lot of ultility functions that certainly can work together.

I will say quantizing the morphing LFO shapes can be rewarding. I was using that for my sequencing for a while, but that isn’t O_C specific.

Stages is less literal in the sense that O_C goes into a mode/modes with clear labeling and really only one purpose; where as each channel of Stages can be combined with others to do a big laundry list of things depending on your creativity? So I’d say the the important thing is to spend time figuring out the segment types and how you can sort of treat it as a “sub modular” enviroment in and of itself. I can get pretty stuck in my ways with it; it’s easy to get stuck using it for its most basic purposes.

I occasionally consider getting rid of it, but the modules I’d need to replace it just take up a lot more space. I will add that despite the fact the manual spends a lot of space explaining how to make every envelope under the sun, envelopes are my least favorite part of the module. They’re painfully unintuitive to me, and adjustments never feel like they do what I expect, despite having used the module for that purpose extensively. They’re just not super… musical? It can also be very difficult to repatch live because of the way the left to right gating behaviour works.

That said, the synced LFO’s are killer – which is also clock dividing! Having lots of sample and hold with slew is nice. You get a bunch of offsets if you want 'em. It’s also handy for tiny sequences. One or more of those things end up in most all of my patches. Despite my criticisms, it’s an indespensible module that seems underappreciated.



I find decay-only envelopes in Stages pretty friendly to work with, but it can be tricky to make more complex envelopes feel as natural as something like Make Noise Contour or Maths.

Every so often I remind myself I’m really underusing Stages’ capabilities, but honestly it’s still very handy for LFOs and simple envelopes; not every patch has more advanced needs.



Totally agree. I have a Zadar on order, that I’m hoping will make me feel less cranky about it. :laughing: As is, it’s my only envelope generator.



i’m doing a combo of stages and maths to create complex envelopes with maximum tasty shapes.



@grey, @Starthief and @baleen: thanks for your insights!

I’m planning on either grabbing a batumi or pam’s new workout to use in conjunction with stages, uO_c and marbles. Would you all think maybe something like the intellijel dual ASDR or similar would be a better idea?

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Stages is really wonderful… A new take on a classic. I use it as a sample-and-hold, CV sequencer, and of course the regular duties of AD envelopes and utility LFOs. Whatever is needed.

I think whoever suggested Batumi is correct… Bipolar interrelated LFOs with cross-patching potential is very complementary to Stages’ unipolar LFOs.

Critically, you need attenuvertors or both of these fine modules will sound like WOOOOOOOOSH: I would suggest a minimum of four attenuvertors per 104hp.



Batumi can have a lot of redundancy for sure, except that the LFO’s inherently can go negative. Depends on your wants. Pam’s is also a bit of a swiss army knife, so it makes sense in most racks. If you think you’ll want traditional ADSR envelopes, the Dual ADSR seems like a good choice. I have considered getting one myself many times for that very reason!

Before buying anything, I would say spend a month with Stages. You’ll know what you need once you do. :vulcan_salute:



Stages and Cold Mac is a bit naughty as well



That sounds like 20 characters of spicy! I bet it would be awesome with Bizmuth as well.



@nutritionalzero and @grey

More great insight, thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah if I grabbed batumi, you betcha I’m snagging the Triatt or something similar.

For now I’m planning on hanging with what I got after I can find a good deal on marbles!

Ooooh yes I could see cold mac as a fun addition too! Been eying those up for a while.

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