Mutabor Cuts / Selected tracks from a weird gig

so. i hate playing live. it feels weird when your only instrument is a shitty laptop. anyway. few months ago i moved to moscow. a buddy of mine asked me if im into playing an early morning gig.

i had just few days to prepare some tunes so i’ve decided to make them in ableton which is weird because i used to hate it almost as much as i hate playing live.

i made a recording and saved it even tho i rarely save stuff. most of my tunes end up on my friends’ hard drives (shout out to @glia for keeping lots of my tracks).

this project was a bit hard to edit so it took more than a month. the good/weird thing about it is that i kinda fell in love with ableton and defs will use it more.

i’d love to hear any feedback from y’all. mostly because i’m more and more into making such stuff instead of messing with complex things and making drones.

sending lots of love to y’all.


wonderful story behind this
i’ll have a chance to listen this week

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This sounds great! Very lush and great vibe.

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