My ambient album Vento out on Spotify

Hey Fam
Today my album Vento is out. Made with Norns, OP1 and Deluge, recorded on a Revox tape machine.

Vento is a tribute to my mother, Celina, based on the memories I have of the night she gave birth to my brother Stefano.
I was a kid, but I remember visiting her in the hospital. When I left with my dad, there was the strongest wind , that tore from my hands my favorite comic book, wich went lost.

That moment is still so clear in my mind.

I tried to translate all those confusing feelings in music, and this album came out.
Hope you will like it!

Vento on Spotify


Good stuff. Iā€™m liking the 3rd track a lot.

Thanks! Is my favorite too :slight_smile:

I love it, purchasing on bandcamp

This sounds great. Care to talk us through your approach to tracking this?

a dear friend recommended your new release to me today and i really enjoyed a couple of listens, so nice to learn more about it here.