My current favourite Norns script

really warms my heart I remember two years ago asking some very dumb questions and you having awesome answers so really tysm


i also came to shout my joy of colorwheel. i spent a couple days learning it with crow/jf and now it’s currently playing four VCOs via hermod, instant quartet vibes. i was intimated at first but one watch through of the videos instantly clicked it. everything works together so nicely and with such range - you can get really spicy or very subtle - the live page is going to be the standard in sequencer “playability” for me.


I’m loving sines when paired with the 16n for levels on all 16 notes.


I’ve been really wanting to get a 16n just for sines!


Sorry for a totally newb question but are you using 16n in midi or i2c mode?

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16n should work right off the bat w/ sines when connected to norns through USB (w/ no setup required other than ensuring it’s registered in the SETTINGS > DEVICES > MIDI menu).

not sure norns could work as an i2c follower…



I still don’t have a norns yet, but I do have a 16n, so part way there😎


Quite a lot of scripts don’t need a controller/grid - a good place to start looking for suggestions is this thread.

It’s not been updated for a while but you may still find some ideas.

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Yes, in MIDI mode. I’m not sure why but I had to do a MIDI learn for each slider → sine pairing – I’m pretty sure I’m using the default CC numbers so not sure what I missed to allow an automatic integration.

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Just wanted to add that 16n + sines does make for one of the most wonderful Norns things out there. I’ve been enjoying feeding sines into NDLS running on a 2nd Norns. That combination of things truly makes for endless beautiful experimentations.


HERE THERE Right now.
But as I progress on my journey to learn most all of these wonderful toys, it changes.

This little box has brought me so much enjoyment over the last couple years, it’s beyond words to do justice the worth of this little device.