My destroyed Sputnik Modular

Almost 2+ years ago now i was getting into modular and i was enamored of the Sputnik Modular Design aesthetic and the spacious feel of everything. I had ordered Almost all of the modules that were released and was excited to see that a Sequential filter was sneak peeked on Roman’s Instagram and i was stoked because a filter was certainly the next thing i needed for a full Sputnik System.

That was 2016. I’ve sent emails but i have not heard a peep.
Anyone have a clue or an idea what happened with Sputnik?

Roman apparently sold Sputnik to someone else and whoever bought it hasn’t done anything about starting production again. See this thread on MW. I don’t know any details, though.

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Woah! This is all news to me. I was a big fan of Sputnik as well. I hope all is going well for Roman. Thanks for the link to the muff thread btw. That was helpful.

Genuinely curious about the legal framework on selling a company whose product line up 80%+ belongs to someone else.