My first album, zazen

Hi friends!

I thought some might be interested in an album I released in June, zazen.
After making music for 20+ years and never really releasing anything, it felt so good to finally do so!

Each piece was made using the Lyra-8 + effects.
Idk how I got such beautifully looping yet organic and subtle changes from just that source.
Appreciate your time and ears!


I really like the artwork.
Are you doing it yourself?
The music is great as well.
I just released something as well. It is very rewarding when the first sales drop in :smiley:
I’ll follow you on bandcamp.

Listening to zazen 3 right now. It has this nostalgic feel to it, like Fennesz’s Endless Summer, or Venice. Superb work. I usually get bored of contemporary ambient pretty much instantly but you’ve hit the nail on the head here. Really eager to check the other pieces on the album as well.

Thank you so much!
The photo was taken from a canoe camping trip last August 2019.
My friend did the ‘zazen’ text, as well as my insomniac hotel logo, this is his behance if you want to check more of his work:

Thanks very much for listening and kind words, super appreciated :grinning:

damn man, that’s an incredible complement, thank you very much for that, and especially your time to check it out.
my employer (Ryuichi Sakamoto) thought I was playing Basinski when I was playing zazen 3 in his studio…pretty much the best complement I’ll ever get and I can pack it up :partying_face:

thanks again man, really really appreciate it :bowing_man:

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This sounds lovely. And Ryuichi is your employer? That’s awesome – how come? He’s one of my favourite musicians.
Thanks for sharing your work.

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Absolutely love this. I can see where the Basinski comparison is coming from, but this feels a lot bolder to me.

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thank you very much for checking it out!
I’ve been working for ryu full time for 10+ years as assistant engineer, personal assistant, co-manager, etc etc etc…


wow, that’s incredibly nice and thoughtful. Appreciate your words and time to listen so much :pray:t3:

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Gorgeous music. The Lyra-8 has a very distinctive sound, but I think you’ve given it a new voice.

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Thank you very much.
I agree it has a very distinct sound, honored you think I’ve managed to obscure it a bit :pray:t3:

really really enjoyed this whole album. thanks for posting.

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honestly, I don’t remember. I think it was a lot of lyra into chase bliss mood pedal and maybe kaoss pad.
or a zoia possibly for zazen 3.

I love when I can’t remember how I made something :slight_smile:

Was about to say the same thing when I heard the track. It’s really very Basinskiesque! I think it’s the tape-y sound, combined with the obessive repetition and the melancholic melody that sounds like one of those grey, rainy days.

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thank you so much!
appreciate your time to listen :slight_smile: