My new tape "Espaço Tempo EP "

Good afternoon guys … at least here in Brazil hahaha
I hope you are all well
I launched this work a few days ago and thought about leaving it here…

“Espaço Tempo” is a collaboratively produced beattape by EricBeatz and Bao. Both Brazilians from the suburbs of the state of Rio de Janeiro, carry several sound influences in their respective works, this time was no is a work rich in influences of jazz, soulful, hip hop and R&B, and with illustrious participations of Diego Évora and the singer of the American M3cca.

link to any support:

EricBeatz (IG:@ericbeatzz)
Bao (IG:@112bao_)


thanks to everyone who paid attention to this

drums on the first beat are my favorite part

how did you each decide how to make & finish the songs? did one of you focus on drums while other played melodies and samples?

or it was a mixture of many methods?

latest work available on bandcamp friday