My Visit To Monome HQ

Hey Everyone

Saturday morning started the day in a panic, some obscure issue with the ARC i bought. Wanting to experiment and begin writing my Monome app [Xenakisser] , i woke up early and realized after waking that my laptop had fallen asleep with both the ARC and the Grids plugged in. After a reboot the ARC was all wonky, an email to Tehn and a reply from him identified some funky anomaly. SO i could ship it off or… ROADTRIP to Delhi or 'DELL HIGH" as the locals say. Well the day was filled with a breathtaking scenic drive to upstate New York and a kind welcome from Brian and his cute dog, followed by a private tour of the awesome Monome HQ. I got a first hand overview at the incredible precision and thought that goes into both the Grids and ARC as well as the incredible Teletype and the amazing collaboration between Whimsical Raps and the Monome modules and interfaces. WOW. i am actually kind of glad now that i chose to make the drive [3hours up and back] because i got a generous glimpse into Monome world and what it’s like to produce some of the most if not thee most amazing interface tools for Eurorack and Max.

Arriving home i hurried to unpack and try the repaired device and found that Tehn had also tucked some AMAZING art post cards by Kelli in the box with the repaired instrument. I left with a new found friend and a grateful sense of inspiration that was worth every mile and every song sung on the way up and back.




e-mailed, we can get this fixed right away.

replied. Will Overnight with UPS
thanks for the fast response
forgive my onslaught of panicked emails


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UPDATED!!! the first post


I love this!

From panic to bliss!



If it’s the dog in the photos and social media feeds I agree. It’s very cute.


not been there but his/her name is eiffel

That’s it! i couldn’t remember his name but he was very cute. I love happy dogs, you can tell immediately.

Totally from Panic to Bliss. This morning has been spent playing with the slow rotation of the arc and letting it morph bounds of an Ieaskul F Mobetheny “Fourses” module. SO much fun; Monome + Ieaskul + ADDAC is rocking me.

happy sunday!