n.b. et al. v0.1

I`m having a problem: when nbout mod is activated and I use an script that call 16n (sines, sempra) then 16n don´t work anymore, not even is visible at MIDI devices- If I have other MIDI devices attached they also don´t show as available devices anymore.
Also a question: how to adjust the reverb in emplaitress? seem to be pretty wet

ps: norns shield, lastest december update

I will check MIDI device and nbout compatibility today.

The reverb on Emplaitress is entirely the Norns stock reverb send. You adjust it under the REVERB system menu.

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Thanks! Checked system reverb and enguine was set to -inf, thats why I think would be a plaits reverb… turning it up and then down fixed it and the plaits sound is now dry!

nb_jf is now ready. Three voice modes:

  • Each voice from JF individually. They support slew, for your slidy goodness.
  • Polysynth style.
  • Unison mode with adjustable detune! Get yer supersaws and superpulses on!

Thank you so much for this bug report. I had misunderstood the structure of the midi devices table. If you upate nbout it should work now.

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Aaand now nb_crow is present!

I spent entirely too long trying to get crow to tune your oscillators for you, but its pitch detection just doesn’t seem good enough. Anyway, you tell the voice what your oscillator is tuned to (or tune it to what your tuned to param is set to) if you want to be in tune.

Edit: crow isn’t accurate enough, but Norns is. Patch your oscillator to the left Norns input (temporarily, and receive remember to attenuate), and hit the “tune” trigger. Norns will find the frequency your oscillator is tuned to and from there you’ll play in concert pitch.

Also: I fixed a bug in Emplaitress that would fail to free synths when amp was 0. Good old DetectSilence won’t detect anything if there’s only ever silence.


Not sure where to report this but after installing most of the mods from here all was good until I tried to load up the oooooo script, it wouldnt load and gave me an init:error
I removed all mods and added one at a time till it gave me the error again, turns out the nbout was the culprit! I’ll post his in the oooooo thread too.

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Can you post the maiden output when you try and load the script?

I’ll try this myself this morning and see what I find.

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I had the same experience but with Constellations - linked with error readout included - I’ve not tried oooooo since installing n.b. etc but will have a look later too.

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@cosmicsoundexplorer Thanks so much for the bug report! I’d forgotten that people sometimes use midi.connect without specifying a device. It should be fixed now if you update nbout.


Updated and all is working as it should. Thanks so much for the fast big squishing!!!


Strage things here with nbout:
When I activate nbout in mod page and restart, the a random number of scripts switch off and appear with the + sign next to them , restarting will change the number and what mods get deactivated… it took me some time activating/reactivating each one until I realized all is fine when nbout is deactivated…

installed oilcan and just updated nbout so I can´t tell for sure if was the same error in the previous nbout version

That sounds like there’s an error in nbout somewhere. Can you post logs from a restart of Maiden?

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wait… realized maybe its the same as the problem I got with n.kria and manually installing the code zip instead of using maiden… seem the nb must be copied over the lib folder in nbout, right??

update edit: Tried coping nb to nbout lib folder and now works! thanks @sixolet


Aha! Yep, that’ll be the case for basically anything that uses nb — if you’re installing from a GitHub-provided zip, it’ll require a copy of the nb lib.


Update Day!

  • The nb library is mildly updated to support individual note modulation
  • nbin yet another mod in the ecosystem, to play nb voices with an external MIDI controller while you’re running another script. It supports MPE style or single-channel pitch bend and polyphonic pressure, for voices that have individual note modulation
  • Emplaitress gets pitch bend and individual note modulation support for amp, morph, timbre, and harmonics.

Thanks to @zzsnzmn for suggesting nbin, so they can play nb voices into MLR.


One thing I want to mention that @zbs and I worked out for use with Oilcan: A voice can declare itself to be a “kit”, and users can read the style from the description to learn this.

n.kria understands the difference between chromatic voices and kits, and that’s how it knows not to apply scales to Oilcan.

Anyway, tonight I pushed an addition to nb_jf that allows using Just Friends as a kit voice — this one’s meant to be used outside Just Type synth mode.

  • Use it in transient/shape or sustain/shape mode to ping filters, envelope noise or oscillators, trigger your favorite drum voices, or power Landscape Noon alongside Emplaitress like I am doing right now as I write this (use high velocity)… Remember that -5 volts to RUN in transient/shape(SHIFT mode) will allow retriggering before the end of the shape.
  • Use it in sustain/sound with RUN (PLUME mode) for a cool just intonation marimba?
  • Use it in cycle/shape mode to ??? because you ???; don’t forget that RUN turns this into VOLLEY mode and is a burst generator?