n.b. et al. v0.1

Are the crow/ansible voices a good place to start?

Yes-ish. They’ll be exactly right for using txo as cv/gate. However for txo as a voice in its own right, I remember doing that for the voice code in colorwheel? Maybe I did? Anyway probably the cv /gate version is more general appeal.

right on, thanks for the pointers… will take a look at the colorwheel code.

i’ll start with the cv/gate and I’m excited about a txo voice implementation :smiley:

I wonder if anyone has a similar issue, that I’m struggling to explain, so I’ll try my best.

Whenever I load Emplaitress via nb I get this weird “kick” type cutting/clipping sound on Poly and Perc st7le option in Parameters, that I can get rid off even after changing to a faster attack, lower gain, amp etc.

  • clipping sound on Poly & Perc style
  • no clipping sound on mono
  • I can somewhat control this if I turn WAY down the amp and gain option
  • did not have this issue beforehand

If anyone knows any quick fixes or where might be the problem I’d fully appreciate it.

Is it potentially cpu overload?
With mono you’re not getting any hanging notes so can imagine it’s calmer on the engine but with poly etc the cpu can take a bit a battering.

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hmm I think not, but will have to check the cpu % next time I turn it on.
How much % would it be considered heavy use?

I’m just aware that depending on what script you’re running and how many nb voices you’ve got going it can be cpu heavy.
When I run cc2 with all banks set on nb’s and perhaps some faster arps on every track plus long releases I get some crackle which is cpu related.

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I think I know the sound you are talking about. In my experience it happens when several notes are hit within the same millisecond or so. I don’t have a ready explanation as to why, but I have several things I could try to improve matters.

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Hm It was the CPU. It’s so strange tho. I was getting around 35% of cpu. Jumping around that mark. Then restarted norns, plugged in another usb C cable and it worked well - round 9%. I changed it back to my usual charging cable and it works normally. Also am not getting that sound.

I’m on shield just to clarify.

Less CPU but the sound still persists.