N Kramer / J Foerster - Habitat out via Leaving Records (April 9)

Hi friends,

Announcing ‘Habitat’, my first album collaboration with percussionist J Foerster out April 9 via @LEAVING_RECORDS.

This community has been such a deep, meaningful and constant source of inspiration and helped me explore new ways to approach composition and music creation. I had never even thought about making asynchronous music or using percussion as pure textures (<- shoutout to @glia ). Also wanted to mention Sound+Process (@dan_derks ) as a creative energiser. Big Thanks to Joda and @matthewdavid

Here is some album insight:

_ Written and produced during summer 2020 by Joda Foerster & Niklas Kramer
_ Instruments used: African log drum, Bolivian chajchas, vibraphone, kalimba and various other percussion instruments, Various Sythesizers
_ Production techniques: live recording, script based sample cutting and processing (norns), analog tape bouncing
_ Composition: asynchronous loops, driven by textures
_ Mastered by Matthew “Matthewdavid” McQueen

Also sharing this single artwork, as it shows a bit of the setup Joda and I were using.


Have a feeling this will be my soundtrack for spring! Looking forward to the full release

Is there an architectural link here somewhere? Thinking of the album cover/title/video snippet

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the vinyls & tapes came out so great ! congrats ya’ll :banana:


This is really nice.

Is that a homemade vibraphone? I’ve never seen one that size…


Can’t wait to share the full album. There’s a bit of an architectural link. Our working title was ‘eight pieces for an imaginary building’ and the artwork by Ettore Sottsass seemed like the perfect fit.

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Thank you. I checked back with Joda. It’s a Bergerault Junior Edition. I guess that’s why it’s a bit smaller.

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I will listen it soon. Love the artwork

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people sometimes wish they could experience something beloved again, for the first time

i thought thats how i felt about four glass steps

it’s so fresh and unfolds in the most poised and delicate manner that i can easily connect with those earlier emotions whenever i play the track

the music you two have made is powerful & deeply stimulating…hopefully there are more collaboration projects in your future but if not, i’ll really treasure this masterpiece for what it is


Wow. Thank you so much. Means a lot coming from you!

We’ve already been working on some new ideas. <3


hopefully people have heard the latest single from habitat…if not
here ya go


It sounds gorgeous! A too short piece!


Gently bumping this thread, to let you all know,

‘Habitat’ is out today.

Super stoked to share this album with you all.

We (mostly Joda) created this virtual space ‘Habitat House’, where you can experience the album by exploring this realm.

We’re also hosting a little get together/release party/vernissage over there later today.
Feel free to join.



Really lovely! I’m just enjoying the first track so far, but the feeling is soooo nice!!!

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