n.Kria 0.23: native norns Kria

@zbs I hope everything resolves itself soon. Much love.

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I hope everything is okay :pray:t2:

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so sorry to hear about your crisis!
i sincerely hope you are being treated and your path to recovery can begin soon


Came here to post a bug but saw the posts above- I hope you’re able to access whatever care you need and find the time to recover. And thank your for your wonderful work on this sequencer.

If there is anyone else in the team, notes for you below:

In extended mode, on the scale page, while you can select all root notes, the buttons do not light above G.

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hey everyone, thanks so much for the well wishes! that was really sweet.

@q_ben - that new-style “extended scale” page is unfinished and shouldn’t have made it into the release. I’ll revert that right now so it’s the same as classic mode.

Other than that, and the documentation for the new sync group system, I think everything is covered now - or at least I can’t reproduce any other error described in this thread. Let me know!