NABUGODONOSOR, by David B. Applegate [eurorack cassette release]

Hello Lines,

Please enjoy my latest release titled “Nabugodonosor” (an ancient spelling of Nebuchadnezzar). I’m thinking of Nebuchadnezzar 2 from the book of Daniel who has a tripped out dream and goes insane. There are, perhaps, thematic similarities in the music.

This record is a collection of modular beats and noises born out of a year-long daily practice of patching a 12u eurorack modular system. I’ve compiled the most compelling bits of that year’s practice into a high-density beat tape inspired in part by instrumental hip-hop albums (the crew at digdugdiy in particular). The music itself strays far afield from hip-hop referencing hardcore techno, cartoon soundtracks, panic attacks, and the historic avant-garde.

The metal-styled logo (by J. Decker) pays homage to the grindcore genre, whose hyper-short tracks inspire me to stay fast and versatile in my productions. I also love the problematic legibility of logos in this style and hope my music brings up similar questions.

Even if you’re not compelled to buy a tape, I hope you’ll click through and give my compositions a listen. & of course, I look forward to hearing what you think.

All my best,


Mastered by Dan “Speak Onion” Abatemarco.


Listened to this on the car ride back from upstate with Dan this weekend. Sounded great, will be revisiting later.


I posted this in its own thread a few weeks ago but thought I’d drop it in here, too, because it’s my favorite thread.

Presenting NABUGODONOSOR, hi-density Eurorack beat cassette. Two fifteen minute sides of hi-intensity rhythms and noises. Very recommended for fans of electronic music. Non-ambient Eurorack recordings made over the course of a year. From hardcore techno to cartoon soundtrack bleep bloop and many shades in between.

Thank you for listening,

-David B. Applegate


Yeah, this tape right here :point_up: is a breath of fresh air.
Rhythmically & timbrally exciting, simultaneously lofi and hyper hifi, nothing goes on too long/outstays it’s welcome (as all good beat tapes should be), the artwork is killer and the tape sounds ace.

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