I just started to participate in the lines community and wanted to share a label I collaboratively run called Nada.

Nada was established in 2011 as a platform for the promotion of subversive musics and contemporary sound works. Activities include publication and distribution of recordings and objects, as well as hosting events, happenings, and radio.

Currently we have a 40% discount on all physical/digital releases on our Bandcamp until Sunday.

Promo code: UPIC

Below is a taste of what is currently available. Enjoy!

“There is nothing else but sound, all that exists is vibration.” —Zbigniew Karkowski


Roy’s record intermediate mv. (demonstration) is one of my all time favorite releases… keep up the good work over there!!!

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One of my faves as well!!

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Welcome! Nada is awesome. I bought the physical Mesabi Range a few months back while learning TidalCycles. It was great being able to simultaneously listen to an album while following the code.

Listening to this now. Thanks for the rec.


Yes yes, also picked this up a few months ago and went through a similar process.

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Great label. Great people. I recommend seeing Michael live if you ever get the chance - very viceral sounds.

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I’ve been listening a bunch to these Nada releases. An absolutely great label. Great work.

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Love your happenings poster designs!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Now announcing the release of:
Michael M Flora and Pooch Karton - Mu / Winter Makes Skulls Quick

Michael Masaru Flora

  1. grain (ver3) 02. Eun j6 03. nothing
    Three audio works developed between 2016-2018. Although developed separately, these works exhibit an intersection between electroacoustic music, computer music, and sound art. The construction of these works has been guided by algorithmic and spectromorphological* composition techniques, while utilizing an array of digital synthesis and processing methods. In addition to aesthetic and narrative concerns, the sonic materials are designed to activate space and reframe the auditor’s relationship to the listening environment. Playback is intended for loudspeakers.
    *Smalley D. (1986) Spectro-morphology and Structuring Processes. In: Emmerson S. (eds) The Language of Electroacoustic Music. Palgrave Macmillan, London

Winter Makes Skulls Quick
Pooch Karton

  1. I 02. II 03. III 04. IV
    ‘Winter makes skulls quick’ is a misheard phrase. What was actually said and in what context are long gone, but the phrase stuck with me (somehow relevant to winter life in Minnesota) as did the idea of activating new meanings out of such mishearings. What if I heard what I heard, and without missing a beat, continued on, not realizing that the effects of a perceptual error were taking me ever so slightly off course? Where might this mishearing lead? Maybe nowhere, or maybe my reality would be fundamentally changed. It seems unlikely, but these kinds of transformations must occur all the time and on all levels, even down to our most subtle intake of sensory information. Somewhere down the line it all gets sorted out. Familiar patterns, semantics and syntax help to realign us, but imagine if the errors were to spin out of control, and we crashed, melted down into perceptual grey goo, or simply came to live in a winter that makes skulls quick. Or - for all the practice we’ve already had in encountering systems that tilt drastically in and out of control, we’d probably be just fine, just fundamentally different.
    -Pooch Karton, August, 2019.
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I don’t check the releases section so often clearly, but wanted to chime in also to say how much I love what NADA is doing. Every release is an instant purchase. Welcome Michael!