NAMM 2023: Suggestions on booths to visit?

I happen to be in Los Angeles when NAMM 2023 is taking place in Anaheim, and even though I’m not in the music biz and music is mainly my retirement hobby, I thought, eh, I should experience the vibe once in my life. I mean, I’m not really even that dedicated to gear (certainly not by lines standards!), but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.

So I’m going to the show on Thursday, but I need suggestions on which booths to visit. So far my list is:

  • Soma Laboratory (I have an Ether and a Lyra-8)

That’s a pretty short list! So I could use suggestions on exhibitors to visit. This isn’t Superbooth, so the joyous weirdo firms don’t seem to be out in force (as best as I can tell), but would love to have more of a plan than “find Soma and wander”.


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Taking a quick glance, here are a handful of synth companies whose products might interest you in addition to SOMA Laboratory:

  • 4MS Company
  • Ashun Sound Machines Inc. (they make the Hydrasynth)
  • Verbos Electronics GmbH

I left off the big companies (Arturia, Elektron, Nord, Yamaha, etc) but those might interest you too. No telling if Eventide will have their euro rack modules on display or if they are focusing on their other products for this NAMM.

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20 chars of try that Osmose


I went a few years ago. All the modular people are near one another so you can wander around. The guitar area is bonkers loud, so bring earplugs. Actually, the whole thing is loud, if you put on a pair of headphone to try something out, be sure the volume isn’t dimed… I really recommend the lower level with all the Chinese manufacturers as well. I found it fascinating.


If you’re in LA for NAMM, go on up to Perfect Circuit where you can try Osmose and pretty much all the other cool and expensive synths in a library quiet and low stress environment.