Nate Trier - Astro-Atlantis

Hi everyone - I just released a new EP, “Astro-Atlantis.”

The core of this release is a trio of songs that evolved from the 3rd Lines Community Livestream, all based around the theme of “water.” I was inspired by the some of the processes and techniques I’ve learned from this forum and also by many @disquiet Junto prompts.

Leviathan’s Fishhook is based around a synth arpeggio I used to transition between each track in the livestream. The arpeggio runs throughout most of this track, but I also used the pitches, played on accordion, to make a scale for the melody of the track. After that, I added tuba (supplemented with the found-sound drone of my cat’s water-fountain and a pitch-shifted accordion note) and a section of euphoniums (supplemented with cheesy 80’s synth brass). It’s maybe the most melodic and accessible track on the EP, and people have described its genre as everything from ambient to chillwave(?)

A Subliminal Ocean could have been the result of a Disquiet Junto prompt, in that I took a piece of classical music that references the ocean (Debussy’s La Cathédrale Engloutie), selected two brief phrases to transform via pitch-shifting, and then used those as the jumping-off point for a new track. It gently nudged me to make compositional choices I normally wouldn’t have, like additive rhythms and a bassline of parallel fifths. I tried to make this sound like a lost track from the Macro Dub Infection compilations: spacey, ominous, with subtle head-nodding rhythms.

Bathysphere is another classical remix: I took the MIDI for a section of Handel’s Water Music, slowed it down to 25%, and excerpted a few phrases that I really liked. Then, similarly to A Subliminal Ocean, I built a new track around those phrases. I like this one because there’s still a little bit of a Baroque influence, but the timbres are definitely more modern. The synth sounds were inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre and S U R V I V E, and the 6/8 drum groove draws on lo-fi hip-hop (which wasn’t intentional and I didn’t realize it until someone pointed it out to me!)

The CD comes with two bonus tracks (an intro and an outro), and also available is a book of sheet music, photos, and poetry that my wife and I created while making the music and promo material for this EP.

Thanks for reading all this! :slight_smile: I hope you find it interesting!