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I’m up for that! Some amazing photos here!


Very nice photos everyone!
I ‘discovered’ photography only very recently, but now I’m hooked! I shoot with my iPhone 5s, canon 1000d (with a 50mm lens) and an Olympus OM10 (also with a 50mm). Here are a couple of recent shots:

See here for more:




(2006, b&w film, somewhere along roads E10 / E6 / E12)


Nice thread!

A few from me:






Wow beautiful photos all!


Now we need to hear some recordings in:



Here are some from a trip to North Wales last summer. Canon AE-1, Vista200 film.

Summer 2017, Colour. Shot to film on my #Leica IIIa and #CanonAE1
Summer 2017, Colour. Shot to film on my #Leica IIIa and #CanonAE1
Summer 2017, Colour. Shot to film on my #Leica IIIa and #CanonAE1
Summer 2017, Colour. Shot to film on my #Leica IIIa and #CanonAE1


i did something like that three months ago.


thanks @Kel

i think it only works (aesthetically) if the sound recording is made on (roughly) the same spot/area where the photograph is taken. but maybe i’m wrong about that. and there are others ways field recordings and photos can be combined.

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These are so blue, I love it. Would you say it’s the vista 200 or are you developing it a particular way?


As a filmmaker I’d say that’s not a necessary condition at all - only that the photos/film “fit” with the soundtrack. You can tell all kinds of different stories by varying the soundtrack separately from the visuals. There’s a whole art just in that!


Very nice. I did a similar project a couple years ago, but never bothered to upload an online version. Doing it now and will share here when it’s ready.

Have you got a soundcloud/bandcamp? I’d love to hear more of your recordings.

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heavy fog from last night through this morning is definitely today’s inspiration:


Great thread, really enjoyed looking over pics.

I post landscapes on my HGHLGHT blog:

And animals, reptiles and insects on my Shot Wildlife blog:

Most of the images are from Australia.

I’ve also put a few landscape videos online here.


Here you go, the photos themselves were taken with a cheap disposable camera and were a bit dusty when I scanned them so not the prettiest to look at (they look better in a boxed frame - I’m a field recordist not a photographer, dammit!) but I hope you guys appreciate it anyhow.

Mods, if you feel this post would be more appropriate in the field recording thread then feel free to move it.


This is Lake Grace, one of the largest salt lakes in Western Australia:

This is Dumbleyung Lakes, where they broke the water-speed record in 1964. Also home to many wetland birds and is a drought refuge area:

Bit more context - both of these lakes are found in the Wheatbelt area, east of Perth. As the name suggests, it’s the main agricultural region of Western Australia. Unfortunately, extensive land clearing has caused salinity issues for the area, and while these lakes are naturally salt lakes, some lakes originally weren’t. Like Dowerin Lakes, which used to be fresh



That first one is wonderful


Here’s a few shots I was proud of last year, first one was taken at Cape Disappointment in WA. The second was taken at a dam here in MD that’s home to a large population of Bald Eagles. Really fortunate to have such a great spot for some amazing wildlife around here. I haven’t shot much this year so I need to start getting out again, this thread is inspiring though!


This is actually a color shot - it was just a very black-and-white-looking day.


Here is Jilakin Lakes, about 300km east of Perth, Western Australia. Not often filled up, but I was fortunate enough to visit not long after some rainfall. I really liked the pattern on the sand, spreading out like tendrils:

Also in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia - an unnamed salt lake I stumbled upon on the way back to Perth: