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I find my work to be most inspired by natural settings and beautiful views. Especially in this day an age, it is a welcomed change of pace to be in a quiet and peaceful place without the many distractions a city hosts. Just the sights and sounds.
Although there are already a few photography orientated threads, I thought it would be nice to have one dedicated only to nature. A place to become inspired by our beautiful planet on a rainy day, at 3am or simply if you don’t want to leave the house. All are welcome.

if any of you follow my instagram, you may notice I love the ocean. I can never be tired of the seemingly endless waters…


Nice thread idea! I feel intensely inspired by the outdoors, especially (being in a tree-filled country) the experience of the textures, sounds, smells of forests. When doing music, I think at least one aim is nearly always to express some kind of relationship, usually via granular mangling of some sort, with this kind of texture:


Quite a bit of nature photography in this thread:

If you ever get the chance to visit Greenland: do it. Went there two times (winter and summer) and I haven’t been so blown away by nature ever before!! It was like being on another planet



I used to live in Iceland. Here are some obligatory “beautiful Icelandic nature” photos!

My favourite things about the place were the very distinctive colour palette (those muted greens!) and characterful lava formations.

I’ve since moved to Germany, which, despite lacking the drama of Iceland, has it’s own charms, such as being full of oak trees. Thunderstorms, mist, interesting clouds and beautiful yellow light are also some perks.

Plenty more where those came from :wink:


Great thread, I used to do “close-ups” 10+ years ago, mostly architectural, but some from the natural world… not sure how I feel about this stuff today.






One from the arctic region of Sweden, the other is whats left of the Aare Glacier in Switzerland.

enjoy #mountainsthroughmusic


Those are some fantastic iPhone photos.

I took a photo of this ‘toasted marshmallow’ looking fellow a few summers back in in MA.


Some of these photos are so beautiful! I’d love to have this ability to capture stuff with the iPhone camera. I think I must have shaky hands, as mine are super-amateur in comparison.

I never had much luck or enthusiasm with the iPhone camera, it’s probably better as a camera than my old DSLR (Nikon D70), but as @Kel is saying you photograph with your whole body… never a preconceived composition but just getting what FEELS right… or really the very MOMENT when things feel right (even if the subject is static, light always moves, and the subject is anyway just a catalyst for light revealing itself…)

But for me the “body” part still requires being immersed in a viewfinder, eye right up against the glass, because with the phone, having to physically point my attention towards a screen that remains a screen (in other words, always announcing itself as a layer of mediation) doesn’t quite get me there…

Of course, that really is just me. Everyone will find their format/device, which may be just whatever’s at hand (in 2005 there really wasn’t such a thing as an acceptable phone camera, and the DSLR craze had just taken off a few years earlier). The finding is what’s important, not the device. But it’s not easy switching once found because your whole body has to re-learn. Also, every finding finds its own direction. I wanted to actually go backwards, to film… but always with color, which seemed hard to manage in terms of development (i.e. i would have to become very serious indeed, meaning giving up music).


I agree about the immersion of the viewfinder, but I still ended up moving to more phone photography over the years, simply because the darn thing is always in my pocket.

I love my DSLR and I love my 503CW medium format even more, but they don’t fit in my pocket, alas.

This is my kind of thread. I always think about nature as a construct in and of itself, imbued with human characteristics simply through coexistence. My photos tend to reflect that point of view. Footsteps in the sand, a single ship sailing in a sea of blue, a guard rail along the side of a road.


street tree :slightly_smiling_face:
(coincidentally taking these today)

we forget… (me too)
and think 'nature is wild alaska (and it is,
below the clouds and above the saltwater)

couple hundred years ago
california had red trees, white deer, golden bears…and people who knew which mesquite is best to eat (maybe some still do)

fantastic shots on here🙂
nice work


very recent lines in the sand:


I like visiting salt lakes - here is Cowcowing Lakes in Western Australia.


Recently inherited my father’s old Olympus OM-2 35mm camera and it’s inspired a new appreciation for photography in me. Every shot, every moment, requires a careful consideration when you have a limited number of frames (and have to pay for each one…). This helps me participate in life, in whatever moment or place I find myself. I also love the experimental nature of film, especially as a beginner when you’re pretty unsure of how a photo will come out!

Here are a few shots of a recent trip to the Flatirons in Boulder, CO. :slight_smile:


These are lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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We have quite a few photographers on here. We should do a webzine!