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The stillness in the first photo is astonishing!


I’ve been there probably 5 times and this was the only time it was like that.

Similar photos (in terms of stillness) all the way across to the Meadows.


laguna beach sunsets


Bit of a glorious day here in the English Lakes…


A walk by the sea.


Just now catching up on this thread. I love Henry Coe! Beautiful and happens to be the largest state park in California.


(double-exposed polaroid)


Some Australian landscapes, Northeast Victoria, taken on New Years Day. This photo doesn’t do it justice.

I need a better camera.


huntington gardens


I love this thread! So many inspirations here!
Anyone shoot slide films here?


i’ve neglected this thread for a bit. here’s a grip from our last camping trip of the season back just at the start of november:


Some shots from the weekend.


beautiful - siem reap?


អគុណ។ ត្រុវ វាជាទីក្រុងសៀមរាបអង្គរ។ (thank you. it is angkor wat, indeed.)



once in a good fortune, there are rainy days in la


cambodia through clouds.


spent some time at a frozen marsh last weekend.




Atlantic boulder, Doolin, Co Clare.