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Some geese flying home. Probably.


Amazing thread, everyone! So many lovely and inspiring pictures…

In my corner of Japan there are lots of ancient trade/foot/pilgrimage routes and newer, cyclist-friendly trails, so it’s a hiker’s/walker’s/rider’s/explorer’s paradise, even in the colder months.
Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time wandering around in the primeval forest by Kasuga Shrine here in Nara. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about it- I don’t necessarily believe in “Power Spots” per se, but there’s quite an energy there, despite the occasional wild boar sighting-- I just got spooked by a big one on the other side of the ravine the other day—and the roots of the old trees are quite something. It reminds me of Stanley Park when I lived in Vancouver- you forget that you’re in the city and that there are hordes of tourists close by…

Here’s a cluster of shots I took in the Kasuga forest, with some other favourite places mixed in: on the Yamanobe no Michi pilgrimage trail, while going up the back trail up Mt. Wakakusa, the moated burial mounds around the old palace site, and high up in Yoshino.

Most were taken with my phone, and a handful with my trusty new Ricoh GR2. A few were taken during solo field recording sessions as well— I love to set up my Zoom, hit record and wander off and take pictures. There honestly isn’t much that makes me as happy-- I could cross-post this in the Joy in Pictures thread!


As I’m getting more into photography lately, does anyone know a nice photography forum? I’d like to read what others do and like.

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I’ve been looking for this as well. Perhaps something built on the discourse platform.


I’ve been browsing - I’ve found it to be a good mix of gear reviews, tutorials and showcases in a variety of genres. It’s probably a little low on the philosophy behind the practice of photography but there are some interesting discussions now and again on the subject.



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I went through a long period of photography being my main artistic outlet and have only in the last couple years returned to trying to put most of my effort into music again.

I still really enjoy the headspace photography puts me in and have begun experimenting with combining photography and field recording in interesting ways, as well as returning to some analog photography methods which I find more fun.

a smattering of older things…





The top two of those are fantastic together. Nice shots.



some analogue photos (actually my first film!)


Really like the 3rd and 4th :slight_smile:


Love this. A few photos from trips over the last few years.


Yep - my wife and I were in Sydney for the summer a couple of years ago. That Katoomba trip was a major highlight!


I’m not gonna lie - when I got to the edge of Katoomba and saw the Three Sisters, I immediately thought of the filter I’d been separated from all summer :wink:


I think nearly a third of the Wheatbelt is affected by salinity issues right now! There’s been a lot of work to try and slow the rate of salinity, and also to recover some tracts of land by planting salt-resistant plants…but it’s going to take a while.

Climate change isn’t helping things either. I was talking to a farmer near Quairading once [aside: there is a gorgeous pink lake bisected by the road there] and he said, “If you say to any farmer that climate change doesn’t exist, they’ll laugh you out of town.” Drying conditions and more severe cold snaps is making life harder in those regions.



two recent flowers



Currently in the Shoalhaven area of New South Wales, Australia:

I also just got a DJI Spark drone - still getting used to it!